India thwarts Chinese hacking attempt to disrupt Ladakh’s power grid: Minister

On Thursday, Union Power and New and Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh said efforts by Chinese hackers to target power distribution stations near Ladakh had been successfully blocked. The hackers made two attempts at cyber attacks targeting power distribution in the Union Territory.

Responding to media reports claiming a cyber attack on a power grid near Ladakh between August and March, Singh said, “Two attempts by Chinese hackers to target power distribution stations near Ladakh were unsuccessful.” The minister further said that the defense system has been strengthened to counter cyber attacks. “We have already strengthened our defenses against such cyber attacks,” he said.

According to media reports, Chinese state-sponsored hackers have targeted Indian power distribution stations near the Union Territory of Ladakh in the past eight months.

Meanwhile, top leaders of the Indian Army and Air Force are assessing the readiness and infrastructural requirements along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as the military forces of both India and China remain at a standstill in East Ladakh.

India has made several changes to its deployment since the invasion by Chinese troops in April-May 2020.

India and China have been talking to each other both militarily and diplomatically to resolve the issue but so far they have not been able to do so mainly due to Chinese reluctance. Patrolling Point 15 In the recent discussions for tackling friction, they proposed a solution which was not acceptable to the Indian side.

The Indian security agencies, led by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, were of the view that the problem would be resolved once the Chinese were completely isolated and returned to their pre-April 2020 position.

The Indian side has multiplied its position along the LAC. The Indian Air Force has also begun to build advanced bases in the frontline, including infrastructure for the operation of fighter jets and attack helicopters from frontier areas such as Nooma.

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