Is it safe to charge your Apple Watch overnight?

For Apple Watch owners, daily charging of the device is offered. Although Apple aims at 18 hours of battery life per charge, the watch will probably spend a portion of the day on its charging cradle. But if you don’t have time during the day to babysit your Apple Watch, can you charge it overnight? Is this safe? Below we answer all these specific questions regarding Apple Watch charging overnight.

Quick answer

You can charge your Apple Watch overnight. According to the design, Apple Watch fast charge from 0-80%, but trickle charge from 80-100%. The Apple Watch Series 7 charges much faster than its siblings, so charging overnight may not be your only option.

Can you charge Apple Watch overnight?

The short answer is yes. Apple itself acknowledges that you can charge the Apple Watch overnight. The device charges fast from 0-80%, but the trickle charge is between 80-100%. Still incredible? The company has included a nightstand mode, which turns the charging Apple Watch into a bedside alarm clock but only when connected to its charger.

We should mention that while you can charge the Apple Watch overnight, there are several reasons why you might not want to. If you use an Apple Watch to monitor your sleep, you’ll want the device on your wrist instead of a night charging cradle. In this case, it is best to charge the watch while you are taking a bath, playing a TV series or performing other mundane tasks. Fortunately, Apple has improved the charging speed of the Series 7 model, reducing its time from 0-80% to 45 minutes. This improvement makes it an option to charge overnight instead of necessarily.

No matter which way you use your Apple Watch, the battery life will be slightly reduced after each charging cycle. Apple defines this charging cycle as 100% battery power discharge. There is no indication from Apple that charging overnight affects battery health.

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Q: Can I overcharge my Apple Watch if I put it in the charger?
A: No. You can’t overcharge the Apple Watch, even if you leave it on the charging cradle.

Q: My Apple Watch and charger get hot while charging. Is there something wrong?
A: No. Apple notes that it’s normal to generate a little heat when charging the watch.

Q: How do I enable Nightstand mode on my Apple Watch?
A: Head Settings Select the app on your watch, then General > Nightstand mode.

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