Moby India April 2022: Drive My Car, Bella, Lucifer, Pray For The Theft, And

Mubi has announced a list of 35 movies that will be released in India in April 2022 on its video streaming platform. Oscar-winning Drive My Car – Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s critically acclaimed three-hour drama, released April 1 – leads Mubi’s April line-up. Drive My Car is one of the nine titles that will be released exclusively in Mubi in April 2022, along with the Bengali language documentary Bella on April 9, Mexican drama Prayers for the Stolen, April 29, which won special mention in Cannes. ‘An Sarten Riggard, April 22, the Austrian horror drama Luzifer, and April 20, the Italian drama The Tale of King Crab, which, among others, was identified as a hidden gem of the ear.

In April 2022, Mubi has only four films from India – including Bella. Neeraj Ghaywan’s wonderful Masan will come on April 14, as Mubi is celebrating Dalit History Month. It releases Megha Acharya’s observational film Sudhamayee which made the festival round in 2020 and Varun Trikhar’s 2014 documentary short Satvin Khoyahish.

From Gullak to Drive My Car, the 40 biggest OTT releases in April

My, Dasvi, Ozark 4 Part 2, Better Call Soul 6 and more on Netflix in April

Kaun Praveen Tambe ?, Death on the Blue, and more at Hotstar in April

You don’t have to worry about new headlines coming out within a month of leaving Mobi in April 2022, as the service has more or less stopped that vision.

The price of Mubi in India is Rs. 499 per month, or Rs 3,588 per year (this represents a 40 per cent savings).

Movie April 2022 Release – Full List

Also, here is a complete list of movies and TV shows that came to Mubi in India in April 2022. We’ve marked “movie releases” and exclusive titles in bold.

April 1
Drive my car

April 2
The result

April 3
Hawks and sparrows

April 4
Life itself

April 5
Good morning
A wedding

April 6
My fat ass and me

April 7

April 8
The Last Family

April 9

April 10
Oedipus Rex

April 11
Chess in the wind

April 12
Wallace. Man of hope.

April 13
White building

April 14
Masan / Fly Away Solo

April 15
After image

April 16
A Bread Factory, Part 1: For Gold

April 17
Song for driller

April 18
A Bread Factory, Part Two: Take a Walk With Me
The weapon is a farewell

April 19
The incident of a bank

April 20
The story of the king crab

April 21

April 22

April 23

April 24

April 25
Satvin Khwahish

April 26
Daughter of April

April 27
Mr. Klein

April 28
Figaros wolf

April 29
Pray for theft

April 30
Our Lady of the Blue
White Nights

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