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Moon Night Almost here after appearing in Marvel Comics 47 years ago – in “Werewolf by Night” # 32, to be precise – the Egyptian moon god Khanshur is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his first live-action appearance titled Tenant and Earthly Avatar. (Moon Night However, there is no attachment to the current MCU, which is completely unique.) Oscar plays Isaac – Dunn, Star Wars, and the X-Machine star – Moon Knight, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which gives his dealings with Khangshu a twisted spin. . . On the one hand, Moon Knight draws incredible energy from super-healing to super-energy, thanks to the Egyptian moon god. At the same time, his mental health struggles further as he beats Khangshur (violent).

President of Marvel Studios and Moon Night Executive producer Kevin Phase said in a production diary. “So, it was very exciting to take on the original story of Moon Knight, which is based on Egyptology and blends it with worldwide adventure, intensity and mystery. Sharp, dark theme Moon Night And the search for unique characters adds another dimension to MCU’s storytelling. “

Moon Night ‘loud’, ‘brutal’ and ‘don’t pull back’, says Kevin Faiz

Moon Night Creator, lead author and executive producer Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) added: “In the heart of it, Moon Night Designed as a mystery: Who is Steven Grant, and why does he dream of another life as a world-trotting tenant? And what happens when the elements of that dream begin to attack when he wakes up? Steven’s journey to the North takes him to a hidden world of gods and monsters and a battle that could shape the future of MCU. Our team took a lot of inspiration from classic adventure films like Riders of the Lost Ark, with the aim of telling a relentlessly entertaining story full of unexpected twists and turns.

With that, here’s what you need to know Moon Night.

Moon Night Release date and time

The first episode Moon Night Published worldwide on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on Wednesday, March 30 at 12:30 pm IST / 12am PT. You could say, Moon Night The release date in India is the same as the global release date.

A new episode will follow for the full six-episode run on Wednesdays at the same time weekly. Disney + Hotstar, Moon Night Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. This is the second MCU series, later HockeyWill be given in Malayalam.

How to see Moon Night In India?

As I mentioned earlier, Moon Night Disney + will be on Hotstar. You will need a subscription, it is not free to view.

As the new Disney + Hotstar plans – effective September – do not limit the choice of content by language, you can see Moon Night In any language no matter what plan you have.

The only difference is the screen size, video resolution, and audio quality. With Disney + Hotstar Mobile (Rs. 499 per year), you can only watch in HD on mobile devices. With Disney + Hotstar Super (8 899 per year), you’re still limited to HD video, but on any device you want. If you want to see Moon Night With 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Audio, you will need Disney + Hotstar Premium (Rs. 1,499 per year).

From Bridgeton Moon NightWhat to see in OTT in March

Moon Night Episodes

There are six episodes in total Moon Night. Each of them will last about 40-50 minutes, it has been revealed. You can download all Moon Night Disney + and Disney + Hotstar app episodes for Android and iOS.

Here is the full release schedule Moon Night:

Episode Release date Director Author
Moon Night Episode 1 March 30, 2022 Mohammad Diab Jeremy Slater
Moon Night Episode 2 April 6, 2022 Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead Michael Castellin
Moon Night Episode 3 April 13, 2022 Mohammad Diab Beau Dimayo, Peter Cameron and Sabir Peerzada
Moon Night Episode 4 April 20, 2022 Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead Michael Castellin
Moon Night Episode 5 April 27, 2022 Mohammad Diab Rebecca Kirsh, Matthew Orton
Moon Night Episode 6 May 4, 2022 Mohammad Diab Jeremy Slater, Peter Cameron and Sabir Peerzada

Moon Night Mohammad Diab Moon Night

Oscar Isaac, Mohammed Diab Moon Night Set
Photo Credit: Gabor Kotshi / Marvel Studios

Moon Night Casting

The new Marvel series is led by Isaac Steven Grant / Mark Specter / Moon Knight. Grant is a gentleman who works in the gift shop of the National Art Gallery in London. Due to his mental health problems, Grant shares his body with Mark Specter, a former tenant and the ruthless incarnation of Khangshur.

“What’s so amazing about this character and the mythology around it, it’s so rich,” Isaac said. “Our job was to put a lens on things that we thought were the most interesting or that had the most dramatic juices and took the mental health aspect of it incredibly seriously. I really wanted to study a character, a perspective experience, so you’re not just sitting and unfolding the story, you’re in Steven’s eyes and feeling what’s happening to him. And it’s terrible. “

Ethan Hawke – best known for Training Day and The Before Trilogy – starred R. Moon Night The villain, cult leader and religious activist Arthur Harrow, who is obsessed with the Egyptian god Ammit.

“If you play a villain, you have to get that word out of your brain, and you have to see the universe from their point of view,” Hawk explained. “I find it really interesting when you think about cult leaders throughout history, those megalomaniacs often start out highly idealistic and then hit idealism or they somehow compromise themselves. Most people who commit heinous crimes in this world wake up in the morning. Don’t say, ‘I’m a bad person.’ They have their reasons, and [the road to] Hell is widened with their cause. So as an actor I had to come up with Harrow’s reasons and make them as reasonable and prudent and compelling as possible. “

May Calamoui (Framework) Archaeologist Laila El-Fawley set foot in the MCU as Specter’s wife, Isaac, revealed in an interview. Calamoui says: “He is aware of Mark’s privacy with Khangshu but he is discovering other secrets because the audience is also discovering them. So we meet her at a point where her partner has been missing for months and when she sees him again, she’s meeting a different person, Steven. “

Moon Night May Calamawy Moon Night

May Calamaui as Laila El-Fawley Moon Night
Photo Credit: Gabor Kotshi / Marvel Studios

“The most fulfilling aspect of creation Moon Night We’ve been working with Oscar Isaacs, May Calamoui and Ethan Hawke for us, “said director Benson and Moorehead. “It was an honor to witness Oscar’s perfectionism, the inspiration that May brought so much heart and humanity to this story, and it was an experience we learned from Ethan Hawke’s everyday wisdom, work ethic and performance skills that we’ve ever dreamed of.”

Karim L. Hakim and F. Murray Abraham rounded out Moon Night The main characters are on-set performers and vocalists, respectively.

Beyond that, we have the late Gaspard Uliel (St. Laurent) As an Egyptian-based antique collector as Anton Mogart, Lucy Thackeray (Serge), Grant’s boss Donna, Ray Lucas (The First) as Specter’s father Elias Specter, and Fernanda Andre (The Devil’s Inside) as Wendy Specter’s mother.

In addition, there are roles Moon Night For Ann Akinjirin, David Ganley, Antonia Salib, Saffron Hawking, Sophia Asir, Ahmed Das, Hazem Ehab, Amr Al-Qadi, Gigi Dagger, Sophia Danu, Karim El-Hakim, Shawn Scott and Diana Bermudez.

Moon Night Creeper

The first – and still only – trailer of ৷ Moon Night Released in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam in mid-January, just as will be shown in India. It irritates the past and rise of the title character, as Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a London gift shop employee, discovers that he is living multiple lives before being dragged into a deadly mystery involving Egyptian gods.

Then in mid-February, Marvel unveiled a 30-second spacecraft (Down) During the 2022 Super Bowl. Since then, we’ve had several half-minute and minute-length clips and teasers: “Secret Agent”, “Contact Lens”, “Choice”, “Summon the Suit”, “Protect”, “Skills”, “Here We Go”. “, And a simple title” Marvel Studios’ Moon Night “.

Other than that, Marvel Studios has given us a few behind-the-scenes gifts Moon Night Features

Moon Night Summary

When Steven Grant, a gentleman’s gift shop employee, suffers from another life’s blackouts and memories, he discovers that he has a dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with tenant Mark Specter. As Steven / Mark’s enemies gather around them, they must navigate their intricate identities as they push into a deadly mystery among Egypt’s powerful gods.

Moon Night Revaluation

As has been the case with every MCU Disney + series so far, this is the first review Moon Night Expected before the series premiere. Although the exact date and time was not known.

Moon Night Season 2?

“I dream and want a movie” Moon Night Asked about the future, Director Diab said. “But with Marvel, the way they’re playing it, it’s not like you graduated with a movie. You can go to a movie and come back to a TV show and go back … it’s like a crazy world. Even with successful shows like WandaVision, they are not doing Season 2. He jumped into a picture. Maybe he’ll come back or not. I don’t know, and it’s exciting. “

The director added, “But I can tell you a truth, I can see [Moon Knight] In the next 10 years, not just the next picture. She is a very interesting character. He is probably the most interesting character for any actor. Oscar is doing great. People have already liked him, even from the trailer. I think the show is going to resonate with people, so I see him stay for a long time.

More than what was given to Hawke when he was asked Moon Night Season 2: “The good news is that it’s probably both. [Moon Knight] Survives and breathes in its own merits. It works as a limited series – and if people get involved and excited about it, it can be the source of a great deal. “

Marvel Studios remains tight at the moment, but hopefully, Moon Night Episode 6 – The end of the season – gives some clues as to what will happen next.

Moon Night Posters

Official poster for here Moon Night From Disney and Marvel Studios:

Moon Night Poster Moon Night

Official Moon Night Posters
Photo credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

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