Most of you do not use dual apps, but it has some fans

Dual app on Xiaomi phones

Hadley Simmons / Android Authority

The functionality of the dual app has been on smartphones for several years now, allowing users to create another example of an installed app. It also has different names depending on the manufacturer, such as Parallel App, Dual Messenger and App Twin.

The feature is available on many phones, but do you really use it? We asked this question last week and here’s how you answered it.

Do you use dual apps on your phone?

The result

The poll was posted on Friday, April 1, and found that 67% of the 2,653 voters said they did not use the dual app functionality. Some readers’ comments also support this position, with readers saying that their phones either don’t have the feature, the implementation was buggy, or they just didn’t use it.

It still dropped one-third of the votes cast for the “yes” camp, showing that the dual app feature has a decent share of fans. Readers note in the comments that the feature reduces the need for a second phone, allows you to efficiently separate work and personal life, and is convenient for WhatsApp.

Either way, the dual app feature isn’t as important as it used to be, as some apps like Telegram, Instagram and others support multiple accounts. But we are still glad to see the current capabilities in different phones.


  • Filament: It is very effective in many situations. With the wonder of technology, people have the solution to this special kind of situation that denies the need for a second phone.
  • mattc: I run duplicates of WhatsApp. For different numbers from years of travel and residence to other places. I want to be able to duplicate anything, it’s a shame that it’s limited to just a few apps.
  • Brian Philsby: Hell yes. I use dual apps on my OnePlus device for Facebook, Whats App, Instagram, Telegram, Discord and offer up. My phone has 12GB RAM so there is no problem with skowdowns. Whenever I use a device (or custom ROM) other than the functionality, I use the app cloner. This is the main reason why I have never been able to switch to iPhone. Productivity is incomparable
  • Seela: Used once or twice, then never again. Whatever goes into dual space or second space or any other brand goes the same way. I could see it working, though not my cup of tea.
  • Anthorama: I believe my Pixel 5 doesn’t support it
  • Lcd1701: Dual apps … for those who try to cheat with their partners? What would happen to social media duplication without getting notifications from both accounts in real time without using a built-in work mode on Android? Maybe I’m reading that too much, but still.
  • Andrew R: For now, no. But I used it when I was still working a few years ago. This is a really useful feature to keep personal and work chats separate. Of course, I can only buy another phone, but in some parts of the world the phone can be expensive. Also, managing two phones is a hassle when one can do the job well.
  • Rahul Singh: No, because using Xiaomi dual app causes problems in Android Auto
  • dgw: The “no” option should really be two separate choices: “no, I don’t use it” and “no, my phone doesn’t have that feature”.

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