Most of you don’t worry about Android chat bubbles

Android 11 Chat Bubbles 2 has been zoomed

Android has offered chat bubbles from Android 11, basically a small chat window that floats over other apps. But the concept is related to the chat head feature in the Facebook app in the early 2010s.

Our own Rob Triggs recently wrote an opinion, saying that chat bubbles are likely to be a great feature but that it is now a boogie mess. We’ve also included a poll in this article asking if you’ve used chat bubbles. Here’s how you answer it.

Do you use Android chat bubbles?

The result

More than 920 votes were counted at the time of writing, and the most popular pick by a narrow margin was “I tried but gave up” (36.32%). This result suggests that a lot of people were interested in the idea but in the end were dissatisfied with the death penalty or realized that it was not for them.

Meanwhile, 36% of respondents said they had never used chat bubbles before. Some readers mentioned in the comments that they just don’t like floating windows / notifications.

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Finally, 27.68% of surveyed readers said they actually use chat bubbles on Android. It’s a decent portion of respondents who use it, but that means more than 72% of surveyed readers don’t care about chat bubbles.


  • Konrad Uroda-DarÅ‚ak: The best feature for me, game changer.
  • Drone9: It’s Google so .. things are bad. Or they shut down.
  • Evie: Maybe unreasonably, but I can’t stand floating widgets, dials, bubbles, buttons or anything. I don’t know why but I hate them all with passion!
  • Marshall: I can’t stand notifications scattered everywhere, especially on the lock screen, so they’ve been turned off. Messages are either stacked and sitting in my notification bar, or wait until I open the messages.
  • pablomentabo: If you use an app that can draw on other apps (such as Edge Launcher), I let go of the bubbles after they limit it by not displaying the keyboard properly.

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