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Mai – Netflix’s next Indian web series, led by Witness Tanwar – is coming April 15, and we have a trailer now. Vivek Mushran, Wamika Gabby, Ananta Bidhat, Raima Sen, Ankur Ratan, Prashant Narayan, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Seema Pahwa have starred in Mai. Set in Wazirganj, Uttar Pradesh, Mai follows the humble wife-o-ma Shil (Tanwar), 47, after she started digging on the death of her daughter Supriya Chowdhury (Gabbi). When Sheel learns something he never imagined, his investigation draws him into the world of white-collar crime and dirty politics. Is the seal on top of his head – or will he take the fish into the water as he dives into a rabbit hole?

At the heart of the series is the Chowdhury family of two brothers who live in a house adjoining the same colony with their wives and children. Sheel, our hero, younger brother’s wife. He lives and breathes for his immediate and extended family, ensuring that the whole house runs like a well-oiled machine, ”said Atul Mangia, my creator, author and Shorner in a prepared statement. Mangia debuted as its director with the new Indian Netflix series. Anishai Lal (Phillauri) has also directed the episodes. Mangia Tamal Sen (G5’s ink) and Amita Bass (The Fame Game) as well as a writer on My.

“However, through a bizarre turn of fate and choice, Shil has been thrown deeper into the criminal world,” Mangia added. The series becomes unusually dramatic, yet highly relevant, because at least in the beginning, she’s still the same humble, simple mother ৷ just like my mother. And probably yours. Don’t go. My, popular Indian television and Hindi cinema embraces the idea of ​​a domestic, caring, traditional Indian mother and puts it against the very existence of the Machiavellian world, forcing her and our faith system to challenge it. “

My Hall is a production of Clean Slate Films, the banner of actress Anushka Sharma and her brother Cornesh Sharma, who previously gave us the underworld in Bulbul and Amazon Prime videos on Netflix. In contrast to these two projects, however, Cornish is the sole producer of Mai. Underworld producer Sudip Sharma is an executive producer of Mangia, Lal and Sharma as well as Mai.

“We are excited to bring this story to the world through Netflix, which has been a great partner with Bulbul and now May,” Sharma said in a statement. “Mai tells a fascinating yet emotional story of the journey of a strong mother. Sheel is a versatile character, fighting for her daughter’s vengeance and overcoming everyone, holding on to her weaknesses, enabling viewers to relate and connect with her in a more meaningful way. Viewers are going to witness a highly layered narrative that is full of twists and turns, showing how far a mother can go in search of love and truth. “

Tania Bami, Head of Netflix India Series, adds: “My is a signature Netflix series that defines storytelling, subtle performance, and the deep thought-provoking journey of a mother’s race with crime and criminals. Set in an intriguing world, My brings together everything our listeners like and enjoy. An engaging and sensitively directed story produced by Atul Mangia, a glamorous thriller-esque crime drama produced by Clean Slate Films and one of the strongest performances by Witness Tanwar that has been the title of My. “

Here is My Official Summary from Netflix:

Sheel’s world collapses when he witnesses a personal tragedy. The once humble and ordinary wife and mother were thrown into extraordinary circumstances in her search for the truth. Sucking into the rabbit hole of violence and power, he finds himself embroiled in white-collar crime and politics that change him and the world he lives in forever.

All My episodes will be released on Netflix on April 15 in India and around the world.

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Official poster of My Web series
Photo Credit: Netflix

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