Netflix now lets you give up two thumbs up for the things you love

Two thumbs up in the Netflix app

Hadley Simmons / Android Authority


  • Netflix has announced the ability to give two thumbs up content to its service.
  • This will provide more specific recommendations for the content of taking two thumbs up.

Netflix has been using its thumbs up / thumbs down rating system for several years now, replacing the previous Star rating system in 2017. Now, Streaming Colossus has announced a change to the thumbs up / down rating system, introducing a third option.

Netflix has announced that it is now introducing the ability to give content two thumbs up (in addition to thumbs up and thumbs down). The feature is being launched today on Android, iOS, web and TV apps. So what does it really mean to give two thumbs up?

Okay, this clearly means that you like the content instead of just liking it with a thumbs up. But the streaming service says that giving some two thumbs up means that it will provide more specific recommendations based on this content.

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“For example, if you love Bridgeton, you’ll probably see more shows or movies that are cast, or from Shondland. [the production company behind Bridgerton – ed]Netflix explains.

This seems like a pretty clever way to improve Netflix’s content recommendation algorithm. Then again, you could argue that five stars is somehow equivalent to two thumbs up with the previous star rating system. Still, you can see the addition of two thumbs up right now.

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