Nikon’s online photography class is free this month in Coronavirus

Nikon is offering a full portfolio of free online photography classes by the end of this month, the company announced on its website. Nikon’s move is to provide free classes to help people learn new skills as coronavirus outbreaks occur around the world. Classes range from the basics of photography to the high-tech fields of how to make music videos.

Nikon’s online classes usually cost from $ 14.95 to $ 49.95, each. The classes are tutored by professional photographers and provide in-depth lessons to help people improve their photography skills.

“Nikon’s goal has always been to empower manufacturers. At this precarious time, we can do this by helping manufacturers inspire, employ and grow,” Nikon said in a statement. “So we’re offering all our courses for free. The whole month of April. Let’s get out of here better.”

Now, with the exception of a few classes centered around the Nikon camera, you don’t have to own one to take these classes. To sign up for Nikon’s photography class, a user simply needs to enter their first name, surname, email ID and country of residence.

Some classes are available at the Nikon School Center to give you an idea of ​​what to expect, landscape photography, macro photography, portraits and how to take pictures of children and pets.

Nikon is one of the many companies to open its content for free access in the current global situation. Oxford University Press (OUP) recently announced that it will offer free online access to coronavirus-related educational resources to help researchers, medical professionals and others working in epidemics. Further, online learning giant Coursera further stated that it will provide free access to its course catalog to every affected university in the world through the ‘Courses for Campus’ program till July 31. Even the digital library JSTOR and its publishing partners have created a lot of content. It is available free of charge to all participating institutions where students have been displaced.

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