OnePlus 10 Dimension 9000 chips may come along the way

OnePlus 10 Pro rear profile

Eric Zeman / Android Authority


  • A new OnePlus phone powered by Dimension 9000 is reportedly on the way
  • Liquor Yogesh Brar claims that it could be OnePlus 10.

The OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t have the OnePlus 10, so those who want an affordable flagship-level phone will either have to pick up an older device or look elsewhere. Now, a frequent liqueur claims that the vanilla model can still work.

Tipstar Yogesh Brar Claimed on Twitter That OnePlus is preparing a Dimensity 9000 smartphone for “limited release”. Brar further suggested that this device could be the OnePlus 10.

Yogesh Brar OnePlus 10 Dimensity 9000 Twitter

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a Dimension 9000-toting OnePlus phone. Android Central Earlier this year, it was reported that the OnePlus 10R will have Mediatek’s latest high-end SoC. However, 91 mobiles It has since been reported that the OnePlus 10R is a Realme GT Neo 3 in disguise, with a Dimension 8100 chipset instead. So it certainly sounds like the Dimension 9000 phone could then be the OnePlus 10.

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There’s no word yet on availability, though Tipster’s “limited release” claim makes us wonder if the phone will arrive in India and / or the United States. There’s also talk of pricing, but we expect it to be competitive against the likes of Samsung and Google.

Finally, Brar reiterates that the OnePlus 10 Ultra is on the way and may be released soon. Those who want a more premium experience than the OnePlus 10 Pro may want to keep an eye on this model.

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