OnePlus Nord gets its first taste of Android 12 with Oxygen OS 12 open beta

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  • The first OnePlus Nord is now getting a taste of Android 12.
  • The software is coming to the phone in the form of the first Oxygen OS 12 open beta build.
  • Android 12 will be the final major OS update for OnePlus Nord.

According to OnePlus’ community post, some key updates to OnePlus Nord’s Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta include a new battery-saving feature, support for adjustable dark mode levels, new gestures in the gallery, and more. The build includes all the standard Android 12 features.

You can read the complete changelog below with some familiar issues with beta software.

Meanwhile, if you’re rocking the OnePlus Nord 2, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the Android 12 Open Beta build. The company recently announced a closed beta testing program for phones so it may take some time to launch a public beta build.


  • [Added] Smart battery engine, a feature that extends the life of your battery based on smart algorithms and biomimetic self-recovery technology
  • [Optimized] Desktop icons with improved textures use a design inspired by brand new materials and combine light and layers

Dark mode

  • [Supported] Comes with three adjustable levels, more personalized and comfortable user experience


  • [Added] New additional style options for cards, making data content more visual and easier to read
  • [Added] Access to OnePlus Scout on the shelf lets you search multiple contents on your phone, including apps, settings, media data, etc.

The balance of work life

  • [Added] WorkLife Balance feature lets you easily switch between work and life mode via Quick Settings
  • [Supported] Automatic work / life mode switching based on specific location, Wi-Fi network and time, also brings customized app notification profile according to personalization gallery


  • [Supported] Two-fingered pinch gestures to different layouts, intelligently recognizing top-quality images and cropping thumbnails based on content make the gallery layout even more enjoyable.

Canvas AOD

  • [Added] New variety of lines and colors for a more personalized lock screen experience with inspirational visuals
  • [Added] Support for multiple brushes and strokes and color combinations
  • [Optimized] Software algorithms and advanced face recognition to better identify different image features and skin color


  • [Added] HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer
  • [Added] Voice effects preview allows you to record your voice effects or check your voice effects in real time

Known problem

  • The button at the bottom left of the keyboard may disappear.
  • Unable to browse, delete and download pictures in the cloud.
  • Personal safe response may not be.
  • The anti-shake effect on Snapchat may not be obvious.
  • The screen may flick while previewing after taking a picture.

How to download?

OnePlus OnePlus Nord lists the following steps for downloading Oxygen OS 12 Open Beta based on Android 12:

  • Download the latest ROM upgrade zip package from here.
  • Copy the ROM upgrade package to the phone’s local storage.
  • Go Click Settings> System> System Update> Top Right Icon> Local Upgrade> Click on the corresponding installation package> Upgrade.
  • After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  • Successful update.

If you are not happy with the software, you can download the rollback package and go back to the stable Android 11 build.

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