Oyo Ukraine offers free accommodation to refugees

Oyo announced on Tuesday that it would provide free accommodation to refugees fleeing Ukraine. Starting in Poland, the Indigenous Hospitality Technology Platform has launched a concerted effort to appeal to more than 600 Belvilla homeowners on their platform in Poland to open their holiday homes to refugees.

“These locations will be free for refugees who cannot afford to pay for them, and the costs will be borne by the company and its homeowners who volunteer to host the refugees. The company will provide administrative assistance and cover operational costs managed by homeowners.” Oyo said in a statement.

Commenting on the move, Oyo founder and group CEO Ritesh Agarwal said, “We are deeply inspired by our homeowners who are opening up their homes and the people at heart. We are committed to supporting and supporting this effort.” We will continue to explore every possible way to ensure all possible assistance to refugees in European countries. “

He added that the agency is in talks with multiple agencies locally to ensure that the refugees have a match with the accommodation available in the area.

“In Oyo, we are also running resources to help raise funds for NGOs that are at the forefront of this crisis,” Agarwal said.

The hospitality platform further said that it is encouraging not only Polish homeowners but also other European countries to open their homes. It is also negotiating with non-profit organizations to ensure that accommodation facilities for refugees and asylum seekers fleeing Ukraine are matched.

Oyo said it has also launched a fundraising campaign, which has encouraged staff and the public to donate voluntarily. Funds raised will go back to homeowners, their homes will be opened for refugees, and non-profit organizations will help resettle refugees.

The company has thousands of homes across Europe. Oyo’s European holiday home business operates multiple brands through its affiliate Oyo Vacation Homes, (OVH) – Belvilla by Oyo, DanCenter and Traum-Ferienwohnungen.

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