Google thinks hiring a poultry specialist might be a good way to let you know


  • Google’s Little Signal test imagines a variety of weird ways to inform users.
  • These methods include blowing in the air, casting shadows and much more.

Notifications usually come in the form of a chime, vibration or LED flash on our devices (with the exception of standard warnings in notification shades). But Google thinks there are other ways to provide notifications.

The company has announced its so-called Little Signal test (h / t: Android Police), Teamed up with Map Project Office to showcase six gadgets, each with its own way of informing users. Some standout gadgets and methods include a device that blows air (such as blowing a tree leaf into your container), a gadget capable of casting a small shadow, and a device with a plastic arm that taps on a nose-like surface.

Other gadgets and methods include a device that contains multiple pegs that can raise and lower themselves (like a bar graph), a device that makes ambient noise, and a button that increases as notifications are received.

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Some of these types of alerts are able to alert you when notifications are pressed or when you receive a lot of notifications. For example, the button will continue to grow as it receives rejected notifications, while the device that plays the surrounding sound will change its tune based on “importance, urgency and tone”.

Some of these methods are pretty cool, but we’ll see if future Nest speakers can be equipped with shadow-casting or air-blowing functionality if Google brings out more use-cases for the technology.

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How To Use Your Fitness Tracker To Lose Weight

A fitbit is the perfect companion for weight management. Not only is it useful for those who want to gain weight, but it is also great for those who are losing a few pounds. If you’ve bought a Fitbit specifically for weight loss and have no idea where to start your journey, don’t worry. Below, we detail some tips and tricks that will help you on your Fitbit weight loss journey.

Should you buy Fitbit to lose weight?

Fitbit Sense Review Calorie Burn Active Zone Minutes Today

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Any fitness tracker is great for adding context to your weight loss journey, but we love how easy it is to use Fitbit devices. The Fitbit app is smartly designed and lets users monitor calorie burning, calorie intake, weight setting and more.

If you are thinking of buying a Fitbit tracker for weight loss, there is really no right answer. Take Fitbit Sense if you want to monitor your heart health and stress statistics, or if you are looking for a pair of no-nonsense, affordable trackers, buy Inspire 2 or Charge 4.

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Weight loss tips using Fitbit

Monitor your daily calorie burn

If you want to lose weight with your Fitbit, it is important to keep an eye on calorie burning. The more you move, the more calories you will burn in a day.

On Fitbit devices, this score is automatically tracked and displayed on your smartwatch and on trackers and apps. Just open your Fitbit app on your phone and tap Calorie (fire) icon In today’s tab header. This section provides an overview of your calorie burning a year ago.

To lose weight you need to try a calorie deficient lifestyle. A calorie deficit occurs when you use more energy than substituting through food and drink. This allows your body to sink into its energy reserves.

There are two ways to achieve this. You can increase your body’s calorie needs by exercising regularly or make sure you are more aware of the foods you eat. The Fitbit device lets you keep track and manage both.

Practice more

fitbit versa 2 exercise shortcut

Andy Walker / Android Authority

Fitbit devices require users to be active in a variety of subtle and public ways. For one, most trackers have an hourly activity goal, which requires users to take at least 250 steps per hour for a certain number of hours throughout the day. You can find these statistics by going to and tapping your Fitbit app on your phone Hourly activity (Maroon people with a broken circle) category In today’s tab.

Second, Fitbits oversees more than 20 activities, so if you’re into golf or yoga, you’ll cover. This makes exercise a little more enjoyable for those who do not always have the confidence or time to go to the gym. You can start a new exercise right from your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker and see the results Exercise department Of your app. You can find more specific details on how to start a workout for your tracker below.

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Track your food intake

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Fitbit app allows you to log in to food and drink, allowing you to calculate your calorie intake. The Food Department The Fitbit app packs a Nifty graph on the Today tab that combines your calorie burn with your calorie intake. It also shows the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats from your diet.

How to log food in Fitbit app

Open the log food page by tapping + Icon As well as Food Department In today’s tab. Here, you can add a new food from the list of frequent items. Of course, if this is your first time using the log feed feature, you will need to add a feed using Barcode scanner Or manually input the details. You can also quickly log calories by tapping 123 Icons At the top right of the screen.

It does work a bit, but calorie logging will give you a great starting point in contrast to your calorie requirements and your actual calorie intake.

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Set, adjust, and review your goals

Fitbit Charge 5 Review the main page of the Fitbit app

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Goals are crucial for weight loss. Fitbit lets users set personal goals for weights, steps, distance traveled, calorie burn, and active zone minutes – time spent on high heart rate.

Although the Fitbit app will automatically set goals, we recommend that you change these after you have used your Fitbit for a week. You may not walk 15,000 steps a day, so the goal is to reduce that number to something more reasonable and achievable.

Edit daily activity goals

You can edit your daily activity goals by tapping Step icon In the Today tab of the Fitbit app, then tap Gear icon At the top right of the screen. Here, you can adjust daily goals for:

  • Step
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Active zone minutes
  • The floor
  • Target the hourly activity
  • Weekly active zone minutes

Edit weight goals

To adjust the weight target, tap Weight division In the Today tab of the Fitbit app, then tap Gear icon At the top right of the screen. You can adjust specific goals, including:

  • Your goal (to lose or gain weight)
  • The target weight
  • Start date
  • Starting weight
  • % Body fat

Use Fitbit’s guided exercises and challenges

Open the Fitbit app, tap Discovery tabAnd scroll down Workout. Tap Look at all. Here, you will find several free workouts that you can do at home, in five to 35 minutes. If you want to start working in the comfort of your own home, this is a great place to start.

Fitbit Premium

If you are already through this practice, consider buying a Fitbit Premium subscription. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. If you bought a Fitbit Sense, Charge 5, or Luxe, you have access to a six-month Fitbit Premium Trial. Inspire 2 comes with a year-long trial.

Fitbit Challenge

Fitbit offers several unlockable challenges by encouraging its users. Tap Discovery tab But once again select Look at all In Department of Challenges and Adventures. Here, you can compete with friends, participate in virtual races with other Fitbit users, or take these on your own. This section of the Fitbit experience is the most frustrating and weak, so here is the hope that Fitbit will add additional challenges in the future.

Buy a smart scale

Finally, a recommendation that makes a lot of sense for Fitbit users or otherwise buy a smart scale. Fitbit offers Aria Air, which syncs seamlessly with the Fitbit app. However, other products on the market count body fat, skeletal mass, and excess.

You can use a traditional scale and manually log your data into the Fitbit app. Just tap + Icon In Weight division In the Today tab of the Fitbit app. You can add dates, your weight and body fat% here.

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Do you have tips to maximize your Fitbit or fitness tracker for weight loss? Let us know in the comments below.

Motorola Moto G Problems and How to Fix Them (April 2022)

The Moto G was first released eight years ago and offered an impressive affordable option for Android users. Since then the Moto G series has grown and multiplied. In its tenth generation, there are plenty of options to choose from. Want a stylus? The Moto G Stylus series is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on an expensive Samsung. The Moto G Power Series offers impressive multi-day battery life, and the Moto G Lite and G Play are perfect for anyone looking for a super-affordable smartphone. Unfortunately, with each new generation comes a new set of Moto G bugs and problems. But we are here to help! Here are some common Moto G issues and how to fix them

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Problem # 1: The cache partition cannot be deleted through recovery mode

motorola moto g power 2022 moto app on couch

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Some Moto G users cannot find a way to delete the system cache partition after going into recovery mode. Unfortunately, this is a feature and not a bug. The option is not available for the latest Motorola smartphones.

Possible solutions:

  • You can still clear the cache of individual apps. Go View Settings–> Apps and Notifications–> All Apps And find the app you want. Tap Storage and cache, And then tap Clear the cache. If you are clearing the cache as a troubleshooting step, you may want to do the same Delete the data.
  • If you are already subscribed to a mobile anti-virus program, most have a good cache cleaner option. Motorola recommends using the Files by Google app to clear the app’s cache. Open the app, tap Clear Tab, and clear data Junk file Or Temporary app file section. This is a great app to use if you want to free up some storage space.

Problem # 2: Moto G mic or speaker not working

motorola moto g power 2022 port

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Some Moto G owners may have problems with the mic or speaker not working during a call or when using it with other apps during a video call.

Possible solutions:

  • If you have a connection problem during the call, try resetting the network settings. On your Moto G phone, go here Settings–> Backup and Reset–> Reset Network Settings 6 And select Reset settings. Remove the SIM card and put it back on the phone and it will automatically restore the network connection. If not, find the APN settings from your network provider and go Settings -> Wi-Fi & Network -> SIM & NetworkTap on your SIM card, and 6 Access point name.
  • This could be a hardware issue. Open Device help App (Device Care On some devices) And go Device Diagnosis-> Hardware Test-> Complete Test. This will tell you the working condition of all the hardware of the phone, such as mic and speaker. It’s best to run a diagnostic test in safe mode to make sure an app isn’t causing problems (there are instructions in the instructions section below).

Problem # 3: Moto G cannot be screened on a TV

Moto G Stylus M logo

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Some Moto G users are not able to cast content from their phones to a TV.

Possible solutions:

  • Recent Motorola smartphones do not support Miracast, so if you have an older TV, your only option is to get a Chromecast.
  • If you have a TV with Chromecast or Chromecast built-in, make sure your phone and TV are on the same network. Some TVs do not support 5GHz Wi-Fi. If you have a hybrid connection, you may want to decouple two bands to make the link easier.
  • If your TV supports the feature, you can use Wi-Fi Direct to cast personal media. Since the setup process is a little different depending on the TV brand, check out the user manual to see how to use Wi-Fi Direct.

Problem # 4: OEM unlock is not available / has turned gray

moto g stylish selfie camera earpiece

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Many Motorola Moto G smartphones are available directly from network carriers and especially MVNO. Unfortunately, this means that the phone may have been locked to that carrier.

Possible solutions:

  • First, make sure that your Moto G phone meets the unlocking requirements Before you can qualify for carrier phones like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and many more, you need to meet a number of requirements. This usually involves having an active payment account for a minimum period of time.
  • Call your network carrier and get an unlock code if the device is eligible
  • If the OEM unlock button turns gray, this is probably a network connection problem. Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data for at least 72 hours and it will automatically fix the OEM unlock toggle. After 72 hours, restart your phone. If the option still does not appear, contact the network carrier. Some Moto G users have found that locking their phones works again.

Problem # 5: Moto G performance problem

Moto G Stylus App Drawer

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Some Moto G users experience a variety of performance issues such as freezing apps, random reboots and uncomfortably hot phones.

Possible solutions:

  • A rogue application can cause problems. Boot the phone into safe mode (there are instructions below) and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, an app is a problem. Uninstall recently installed or updated apps and see if the problem disappears.
  • Some users experience performance issues after a major software update. In this case, what worked for them was a factory reset (instructions below). Make sure you back up any important files and data though.
  • If a particular app gets stuck, try clearing the app’s cache and data. Go View Settings–> Apps and Notifications–> All Apps And tap on the app. Tap Storage and cache And select Clear the cache And Delete the data. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic app.
  • If your Moto G phone overheats, follow the steps above to resolve the issue. However, when the phone is hot, it is best to turn off the phone and let it cool first. If you have, open the case and keep it in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

Problem # 6: Mobile payment is not working

Motorola G Power in front of the table

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Some users have problems using mobile NFC payments with their Moto G devices. Mobile payment is not an option or stops working after a software / app update.

Possible solutions:

  • Note that many Moto G smartphones in the US do not come with NFC. Be sure to check the phone’s space sheet before purchasing whether NFC payments are essential. You can try importing an international version, but it will have warranty issues.
  • If NFC Payment stops working, it may be because the device is no longer authenticated. Open Google Play StoreTap the profile icon in the top right corner, and go About Settings->. It will say so below Play Protect Certification If it is not certified. Removes Google Play Protect certification if the device is rooted, has an unlocked bootloader or custom ROM, or does not approve the device OEM device.
  • Motorola is aware of the problem and is working hard to fix the issue where the device is losing Play Protect certification after a major software update.
  • If you run into problems with a specific app like Google Pay, clear the app’s cache and data. Go View Settings–> Apps and Notifications–> All Apps And tap on Google Pay. Tap Storage and cache And select Clear the cache And Delete the data.

Problem # 7: Android Auto problem

Moto G pure rear panel

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Connectivity issues with Android Auto are quite standard with newer phones, and Moto G devices are no exception.

Possible solutions:

  • If you have set up your new phone by porting apps and settings from an old device, there may be a problem. Find the Android Auto app in the Play Store and uninstall and reinstall. Go Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> View All Apps -> Android Auto And tap Stop forcibly. Then tap Storage and cache And select Clear the cache And Delete the data.
  • Go through the Android Auto setup process again. “Forget” your phone and car device connection and set it up again If you’re having trouble working with Android Auto Wireless, it’s best to set up a wired connection first.
  • The phone may not automatically go to the correct setting when using wired connection. In the Notifications panel, tap Android System Notifications and change it File / Android Auto Transfer.

Issue # 8: Delayed notification on Moto G.

Moto G pure selfie notch and earpiece

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Some users are seeing a significant delay in receiving notifications. Notifications are sometimes only visible when the app is open.

Possible solutions:

  • Your notifications may be delayed due to the phone’s built-in battery optimization. Go View Settings–> Apps and Notifications–> All Apps And select the app. Tap Battery And select Do not optimize.
  • Motorola has a built-in application to make it easier to manage your applications Open Device shield Go to the app Running backgroundSelect the app and tap Allow to run in the background. On the main app page, go Apps start automatically And make sure the apps in question are activated.

Moto G Troubleshooting Guide: Factory Reset, Boot into Safe Mode

Motorola Moto G Power Camera Close Up

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Factory reset Moto G.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button simultaneously until the phone is turned on.
  • Use the volume buttons to navigate Recovery status And tap the power button to confirm.
  • Go Delete data / factory reset Use the volume buttons and press the power button to confirm.

Boot the Moto G into safe mode

  • Press the power button while the phone is on.
  • Touch and hold Instrument off Pop up
  • Tap All right When the option to boot into safe mode appears.
  • Reboot the phone to exit Safe Mode.

Can you manually log steps in the Fitbit app?

Reaching your daily activity goals in your Fitbit is a great feeling, especially if your steps and calorie goals are set particularly high. But what if you forgot to wear your Fitbit while out? Is there a way to manually log your steps in the Fitbit app? Well, it’s complicated. We’ll cover the issues with Fitbit’s manual exercise logging system and how you can incorporate a workout that might miss your Fitbit.

Quick answer

There is no way to log missed steps in the Fitbit app. However, you can log the exercises that you have done.

Jump to the main section

Why can’t you log in manually on Fitbit?

fitbit versa 2 exercise run screen

Andy Walker / Android Authority

Fitbit does not allow users to log into the Fitbit app manually. This is a small problem if you forget your band at home while walking. Fitbit doesn’t want users to estimate how many steps they’ve taken and added it to the app. This can lead to one-way data or help users cheat in achieving their Fitbit goals.

  • Open Fitbit App on your phone.
  • Tap Exercise department Upstairs Today Tab
  • Tap Stopwatch In the upper-right corner of the screen to open the icon Track The screen
  • Select Previous log Tab
  • Enter a description of your practice, then tap Log it. You can choose one of nine exercises, including personal trainers: Run, Golf, Hike, Swimming, Walking, Sports, Outdoor Bike, Aerobic Workout and Fitster.

Make your exercise duration as accurate as possible. With the input details, the Fitbit app will estimate calorie burning based on the duration and type of exercise. This is not accurate, but it will help users keep up with their energy intake and expenditure.


Q: Will the calories counted count for my calorie target?
A: Yes. This is one of the best ways to log in to Manually Missed Exercises in the Fitbit app.

Q: Does my phone’s Fitbit app track the steps?
A: No. Unfortunately, the Fitbit app cannot be used as a replacement for your tracker, so it doesn’t count the steps when you don’t wear your device.

Q: Can I use Strava to log the Fitbit Missed Exercise?
A: Yes. You can set up a two-way sync between Strava and Fitbit. Read our detailed guide on the subject for more details.

Can You Swim With Apple Watch? Here’s what you need to know before you dive.

The Apple Watch has proven itself to be a great running and cycling smartwatch, but is it an equally good companion for those who love water? Includes swim workout mode on Apple devices, can you swim with the Apple Watch? Is that a good idea? We take a deeper look below.

Quick answer

Yes. Thanks to its 5 ATM rating, the Apple Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters in various waters.

Can You Swim With Apple Watch?

Yes. The new Apple Watch models are water-resistant up to 50 meters, thanks to their 5 ATM rating You can even do shallow diving with the watch, if you are above this safe limit. New Apple watches include swimming as an alternative to its workout app. So the company believes that you can go to the nearest pool in the open water or by keeping your watch on.

Significantly, this water resistance rating only applies to the Apple Watch Series 2 or later. Series 1 and first-generation devices don’t pack water resistance ratings, so you shouldn’t sink these older models.

How do you start a swimming workout?

An Apple Watch Series 7 displays an outdoor cycling settings screen on a user's wrist.

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Starting a swim workout on the Apple Watch is extremely easy.

  1. First, open Workout app On your Apple Watch.
  2. Select Pool swimming If you are training in a pool or Open water swimming If you are at sea or lake as your workout.
  3. Tap More (three-point) buttons Tap to adjust calorie, distance, or time goals or start a workout.
  4. If you choose pool swimming, you will need to set the length of the pool using the digital crown. This will improve the accuracy of lap and distance calculations.

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting a swimming workout. For starters, supported Apple watches will automatically enable water lock mode in this instance. This mode disables the Apple Watch screen so that no accidental touch is registered. Simultaneously press the digital crown and side buttons to pause and resume swimming workouts.

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How do I dry my Apple Watch?

Apple Clock Water Emissions Directions

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

When you finish your swimming workout, the Apple Watch will ask you to rotate the digital crown to disable the water lock mode. This, in turn, will trigger the Apple Watch’s water emission process, allowing it to play a series of tones to remove residual water trapped in its speakers.

You can start the drainage process yourself.

  1. Swipe from bottom to top of your Apple Watch to open the Control Center.
  2. Tap Water lock icon.
  3. Turn on the digital crown to unlock the screen.

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Q: Can I swim with my old Apple Watch?
A: Only Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models are water resistant up to 50 meters Older Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch feature splash resistance. Apple advises against sinking these models, so we recommend not tying them to your wrist and swimming.

Q: Is my Apple Watch waterproof?
A: No. Apple Watch Series 2 and newer are water resistant, but they are not water resistant. This means there is always a possibility that it may be damaged by contact with water, especially if you violate the device’s usage guidelines. Apple does not recommend deep-water activities or high-speed activities, such as scuba diving or water skiing, even with the Series 2 or newer.

Q: Can I take a bath with my Apple Watch?
A: Yes, though Apple warns against using soaps, shampoos and other products that can affect the glue and seals of Apple Watch. Rinse the watch thoroughly after bathing, remove it, and dry it thoroughly before placing it on your wrist.

Q: Where can I view my workout data after swimming?
A: Open Fitness app On your iPhone, then tap See more Next to the workout. Finally, select the workout that interests you You can see the total distance and laps swam, calorie burning, speed and stroke data and much more.

Google Pixel 6A may launch in India in May, leaked here

A number of Google devices have been spotted on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. While these lists are likely for the upcoming Pixel 7 series, given the history of Pixel devices, only three of these phones have a good chance for the Pixel 7 lineup.

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a rendered by Onleaks and 91Mobile

The rest of the device, codenamed GX7AS, is probably Google Pixel 6a.

All of these devices could be unveiled at Google I / O sometime in May this year.

If anything, the new Google 6a, which could launch in India, will look exactly like the flagship Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and will have a similar camera design.

Lex suggests that the Google Pixel 6A will come with a 6.2-inch Full HD + OLED panel with support for a 90Hz refresh rate. It will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Pixel 6A may be powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, specifically the GS101 SoC. It will come with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and will probably have a higher variant. The device will be powered by a 4500 mAh battery with support for 20W + fast charging. The device is also likely to have facial recognition.

For the new Pixel 6A’s cameras, it could offer a twin-camera setup on the back, with the main shooter a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor and an ultraviolet 12MP SonySony IMX386 sensor. The front camera will be an 8MP Sony IMX355 shooter.

The last Google Pixel device to be officially launched in India was the Pixel 4a in 2020. The main reason why the Pixel 5a and the regular Pixel 6 series do not come to most countries outside the United States is because of its 5G. Connection support.

Although Google has not said anything about launching the new Pixel 6a in India, there are strong rumors that the device is actually on its way. The only hurdle for Indian users may be how Google determines the price of the device in a country like India.

Google Lens on Chrome desktop now includes copy text, translate, image source

Google has introduced more features in Google Lens in the desktop version of Chrome. It is now capable of doing more than just regular image search. Now, in addition to search options, it also offers text, translation and image source tools. These and many more options have been available in the Google app for smartphones for quite some time now. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. New tools are now widely available in Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac

The Google Lens Search Results page in the desktop version of Chrome shows three new options. The text tool automatically detects the text of an image, and lets you select any amount of text. Then you can copy, or listen to the selected text. Additionally, it can be used to perform other Google searches or to open Google Translate sites separately. Also, there is a dedicated translation tool that opens a UI like a mobile app. Google Lens is programmed to detect language automatically. However, you can select the language pair manually.

Find image source tool takes you to Google Images. This option is thought to have been added to Google Lens to correct the issue by completely replacing the image search option. This tool lets you upload images or screenshots of a webpage to Google Images and search for results.

A recent report also hinted at the addition of the Google Lens feature to the Google search homepage for Chrome on the desktop. The lens icon was spotted on while surfing Chrome in incognito mode. The spotted icon was similar to the current Google Lens icon that appears in Android’s search bar.

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Shang-chi star Meng Zhang joins Robi Amel from Wicher Season 3 cast Amazon upload

OnePlus Ace unveiled in China, will probably be rebroadcast as OnePlus 10R for India-

OnePlus is set to unveil a brand new lineup of smartphones called Ace in its largest market, China. There is also a strong possibility that OnePlus may launch the device in India as well. However, there is a very good chance that instead of launching a whole new line, the new device will be sold in India as the OnePlus 10R, a “mid-level” version of their flagship lineup.

OnePlus Ace 1

The OnePlus Ace may be a whole new line for the Chinese market, but for India, it may be re-badged as the 10R.

The new OnePlus Ace will be officially available to buyers in China from April 21. Eagle-eyed users who have been paying close attention to OnePlus’ and recent developments in and around them have claimed that the new OnePlus Ace (or OnePlus 10R) is essentially a. Rebranded Realme GT Neo3.

The device will have to run the brand new MediaTek Dimensity 8100, and will have up to 12 GB of RAM. For storage, several leaks suggest that the base models of the phone will come with 128GB UFS 3.1 storage and 6GB RAM. All will be powered by a 4500 mAh battery, which will support a full 150W charger.

According to the leaked geekbench test report, The phone manages 962 single-core points and a 3,819 multi-core score.

For the rear camera, it will be a triple shooter setup with an 8MP Ultravide Snapper and a 2MP macro camera as well as a 50MP primary camera with OIS. The corrugated surface at the bottom of the camera housing gives it a unique look. The device looks especially good in black. Users will also have the option to visit the Silver Colorway.

OnePlus Ace

Photos from the Chinese launch event indicate that the warning slider has been omitted. We also see an IR sensor on the top of the device.

One of the worrying aspects of OnePlus’s upcoming device is the apparent lack of a warning slider. Those who have been using OnePlus phones for some time now prefer this nifty little feature. However, it is highly unlikely that the omission of a warning slider would be a deal-breaker for most potential customers.

Although OnePlus has not revealed what the device will look like from the front, several previous leaks suggest that OnePlus is offering users a 6.7 “120Hz FullHD + AMOLED screen with a centralized punch-hole, which will feature a 16MP front shooter.

Photos from the OnePlus Ace’s Chinese launch event suggest that the phone be equipped with an IR sensor at the top. However, if the OnePlus Ace comes to India as the OnePlus 10R, most likely the sensor may be omitted.

Here’s how much you consider the GCam port when buying a phone

Showing the Google Pixel 6 camera app in an alley

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The Google Camera app adds a bunch of cool features to the Pixel phone. It has also been unofficially ported to other devices and has a modified version that carries features that you only get on Google’s phones. So we wanted to know how important the app is to you when you buy a new phone. Do you consider this before you pick a new device? Here’s how you voted in our poll.

Do you consider Gcam port when buying a new phone?

The result

Our poll shows that our readers are divided on the Google Camera app. GCam is an important consideration for most respondents (26.9%) when buying a smartphone.

Meanwhile, about 24.8% of voters think that having the app is good but not necessary.

20.8% of our survey takers don’t care about Google’s camera app at all. Not surprisingly, it currently has a 2.2 rating in the Google Play Store with over 450,000 reviews.

Interestingly, 14.9% of respondents were pixel users. This means that their phone already has the official version of the Google Camera app.

Only 12.6% of our readers voted that GCam ports are essential for them and their primary consideration when buying a phone.

Your comment

Leif Shantz: I don’t really care much about it, I use the camera app whatever it is preloaded on the phone.

thesecondsight: Motorola and OnePlus budget phones have enough cameras. However, Gcam limits camera hardware on both devices. This is a game-changer for those who want a phone that makes wonderful photos and does not break the bank.

Roduardo: Smartphone cameras are super duper enough for everyday use today. The camera quality of the smartphone (for still images) was not something I had to think about for many years. Mobile video photography, on the other hand, still has a long way to go to get Apple (closest to Samsung) on ​​Android devices.

Niky Tamayo: It’s sometimes better than the stock app in terms of color, but I like to use pro mode and fix things in the post if I need to. Either way, I tend to pick phones based on camera quality, and phones that pay attention often have very good stock apps.

mattc: How is Gcam going to be better than phone maker software?

Peter Bolga: I’m just waiting for an Exynos S22 Ultra, does anyone know a working GCam app? Coming from a pixel device I’m concerned about the speed of the shutter, the Samsung camera app always seems to fight with moving objects.

No: My s20 crashes instantly when I try and open a game port

Albin: I’m lucky my current Moto (compare my first level 3 camera 2 compliant, Pixel 3) phone supports several GCam, and I mentioned earlier about a good phone. I like “manual” style apps when I feel “creative” but can’t beat GCam for simple points and clicks, especially when there’s nothing to look at on a sunny screen. HDR + is surprisingly fast for handhelds and produces better details up to 3x or more digital zoom than a single shot.

I chose camera “mods” a decade ago using the Canon Powershot CHDK, which I must say is a much better organized and coherent project organization than GCam with a single website, detailed user manual and a thorough collaborative process for development. And to finalize the beta testing build, really effectively covers the excess of the PowerShot camera model. Finding out if there is a functional CHDK for the model is much easier than the freelancing collection of independent GCam developers, compared to a catfish. Good luck finding out if any new phones will support it.

Ahmed Danish: I used GCam on my phone but then when I compare it with stock camera it really shows a huge difference in detail Gcam is about 2MB while my stock cam is always 6 + mb so I decided not to use Gcam anymore. My phone is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

David: I have a Xiaomi mi 10t 5g and the stock camera app is nice, I didn’t think to change it.

Japes: At first I was wtf is Gcam port. Is this a new hole in the phone… but then I realized Google Cam. Hahaha no, I’ve seen it but it’s definitely not a consideration when upgrading to a new phone.

Dani: I’ve used it for Huawei so far, and no GCam. The built-in camera is great for any occasion.

Lcd1701: It’s never been understood by me, and it’s always just the Gcam port that was originally mentioned. I can’t really see the article about Samsung or any other company’s cam port. Asking for problems using software that is not for your phone

duckofdeath: Google Spambots was set to fill the internet with promotions this past year. I suspect that nowadays there are more ads in the internet comment section than articles. Get fake interactions with people thinking they’re arguing with people and you can talk about what you want them to sell.

My Review: Witnessing the Netflix Web Series Tanwar is an Incredible Avenger

Mai – Netflix on Friday 12:30 pm IST Streaming – Initially asking the same question through its title protagonist: “Who killed my daughter?” For a series that is meant to be about the mother (Witness Tanwar, what is the story from house to house) who are trying to find out who did this, it’s an easy way to reclaim what it is. But perhaps it should have served as a reminder to the makers of Mai. Side-tracked for the Netflix series – repeatedly – with half a dozen subplots. There a baby is left at birth. One policeman stuck in loveless marriage. Social problems for homosexuals. A brother- and brother-in-law who look down at their noses. A cross-state medical scandal, a special forces team is investigating. And an ex-escort with more energy than that knows what to do.

It’s a classic case of extra stuffing, and instead, a terrible decision for a six-episode series. The first project for Atul Mangia, the creator, showrunner, writer, and director of My Hall – a former casting director and acting workshop director for over a decade. Out of curiosity, Mangia surrounds herself with inexperience. He shared the responsibility of directing with Anshai Lal and shared the responsibility of screenplay with Tamal Sen and Amita Beas. Their only previous achievements were the Anushka Sharma directed film Philauri, the Bengali language Zee5 Original Kali and the Netflix series The Fame Game led by Madhuri Dixit Nen. The only difficult experience comes from Sudip Sharma, the executive producer and creator of Underworld, but Netflix is ​​not mentioning his name anywhere in its marketing because it either does not want to invite any rival platform or maybe the truth is that Sharma was rarely involved.

The consequent effect of all these unnecessary plots – many of which are tangible – is that it pulls Mike away from what is supposed to happen. Not that it’s much better in that section when it’s in its lane. My end comes with a completely incredible transformation of a 47-year-old housewife (Tanwar) into an ice-cold operator, who is thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. He repeatedly discovers the original information only through luck, mostly by staying in the right place at the right time. If your hero has a chance to get super, then you are going to get the eyelids if not a direct smile. He also survives through Plot Armor or across the six-episode Mai due to the incompetence of others. It doesn’t reflect well on him, or those who are more experienced than him.

In the end, Mai is another mistake from Netflix India – which is what we now expect from it.

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Sheel Chowdhury (Tanwar) is an ordinary Indian middle-aged housewife. She takes care of her house, her brother-in-law’s house and the old age home she works in. But no one gives credit to Shil for what he does. More importantly, he doesn’t really know what’s going on in all of these places. When he begins to discover after killing his millennial daughter Supriya Chowdhury (from Wamika Gabby, Godha and Eclipse) – oh, Netflix won’t let me tell you how, even though it literally happens in My Trailer. Strange move, but anyway. The nurse-housewife soon becomes a kind of detective, following the people around her hometown Lucknow, trying to gather who was behind her daughter’s fate. As it turns out, organized crime is involved.

At the center of this is Neelam (Raima Sen, known as Raima Dev Verma), a former sex worker-turned-wife who is in charge of the aforementioned medical scandal after an important incident. A special police force from Uttar Pradesh – led by SP Farooq Siddiqui (Ankur Ratan) – is trying to stop him from doing business. Neelam’s underling Prashant (from Ananta Bidhat, MX player’s Pati Patni or Oh) is already trying to climb the ladder of organized crime, with the help of Shankar (Vaibhav Raj Gupta, from Gullak) who is more than his right hand man. In the midst of all this, Mayo Sheel’s husband Yashpal tries to make room for “Yash” Chowdhury (Vivek Mushran, from Bhut Marji), who is mourning like himself, going back to his past to do electrical repairs.

But there is no ebb in any of it. This is mainly because my character lacks moments. For the first time, Sheel truly reflects on her daughter’s loss – it just doesn’t come out of nowhere and wasn’t made in any real way, but it doesn’t connect with you at all because we weren’t given a chance to know Supriya, and what we’ve been told about her is hers. Is not well reflected in. And although Tanwar is polite as a humble and humble mother, I have never been sold to the ruthless and deceitful in her turn. Dev Verma’s Neelam has not added anything to the new Indian Netflix series, as the character is very thinly written. Mae sets herself up nicely centering the narrative on two women in a male-dominated world, but then it weakens them both through their writing.

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My Netflix Review Wamika Gabby My Netflix Review

Wamika Gabby as Supriya Chowdhury in My Web Series
Photo Credit: Chandni Gazaria / Netflix

Without it, my boat is not the only oppressed part of the society. Supriya Gabbi, the only silent character in the Netflix series, is played by a speaking actor. (She is also killed in the beginning, although she receives a sympathetic-induced flashback scene at the beginning of each episode.) . The saving grace is the aforementioned gay Henkmann – not to distinguish the text, but simply because it is not problematic to change. Most Indian writers haven’t really gained momentum on how you should portray your minority, though for Mai, it seems like a big question when all adults are viewed through the lens of morality.

Yet the Netflix series can be broken by nothing more than the practicality and logistics of a 47-year-old housewife that Sheel does here. His first offense seems incredible in itself – how he transports an adult body – further proving that we are shown at a later stage. But the way he gets off the hook to destroy the evidence. A junior offender decides to help him because he got him a job with the man who is now dead. What are you waiting for? But Mangia & Co. does not stop there. In the fourth episode of Mai, Sheel pulls an object out of her purse and hides the big bad thing in broad daylight in a crude attempt to poison her. Is this a joke? And in the final of My Season, Sheel’s big plan succeeds by coincidence, with the help of a deaf chemist and ridiculous surveillance.

In fact, this increase in stupidity is probably my strongest suit. The deeper it pushes the run, the more foolish and indescribable the decision. In the last episode, the twins of a dead character appear as new villains, highlighting the existing villains. And there’s an incredibly stupid thing in the sixth and final episode – for a character – that I could only laugh at. But more desperately, Mai just pulls. It doesn’t really involve you; I waited to be dragged into its world, but it didn’t happen. With less focus or goal, the Netflix series gets out of control, and loses all steam as it ends. It’s too busy elsewhere – again, Netflix won’t let me talk about it – when it should have focused on what’s in front of it.

If anyone could remind the makers of what the series is called.

Mai was released on Netflix in India and around the world on Friday 15th April.