PlayStation Plus will relaunch in June with over 700 games, 3-tier subscriptions.

The PlayStation Plus is being redesigned – launching in June – to better compete with the Xbox Game Pass. Sony has officially announced that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be merged to offer three membership levels worldwide. The new base tier, the PlayStation Plus Essential, will get the same price and benefits as the current PS Plus subscription. There will also be a PlayStation Plus Xtra that will offer a catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games. The PlayStation Plus Premium will feature 740 games, including PS3 games and classic games from older consoles, including PS2, PS1 and PSP.

As mentioned earlier, the PlayStation will combine PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions to offer the benefits of both with a three-tier membership model. PS Now is currently a cloud streaming service that allows gamers to play titles from older PlayStation consoles on PS4, PS5 and Windows computers. Sony has confirmed that existing PS Now subscribers will be transferred to the new PS Plus Premium at launch time without the increased subscription fee.

For regions without cloud streaming like India, Sony will offer PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscriptions. It is reportedly priced lower than the premium, and will include classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP for offline play. Its price has not been disclosed.

Although unlike the Xbox Game Pass, Sony will not offer its first-party titles such as Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnar̦k on the first day of the new PlayStation Plus Рeven at the highest level. When the new PS Plus arrives in June, it will launch with the old PS5 title, which includes Returnal, Spider-Man: Remastered, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Sony plans to roll out the new PS Plus service in phases in June, with initial releases in various Asian markets. It will be launched in North America, Europe and the rest of the world where PS Plus is offered The company plans to roll out the service in all PlayStation Network regions in the first half of 2022.

PlayStation Plus New Subscription Fee

PlayStation Plus Essential

United States: $ 9.99 monthly / 24.99 quarterly / $ 59.99 annual

Europe: EUR 8.99 monthly / EUR 24.99 quarterly / EUR 59.99 per annum

United Kingdom: GBP 6.99 monthly / GBP 19.99 quarterly / GBP 49.99 annual

Japan: JPY 850 monthly / JPY 2,150 quarterly / JPY 5,143 annual

United States: $ 14.99 monthly / 39.99 quarterly / $ 99.99 annual

Europe: EUR 13.99 monthly / EUR 39.99 quarterly / EUR 99.99 per annum

United Kingdom: GBP 10.99 monthly / GBP 31.99 quarterly / GBP 83.99 annual

Japan: JPY 1,300 monthly / JPY 3,600 quarterly / JPY 8,600 annual

PlayStation Plus Premium

United States: $ 17.99 monthly / 49.99 quarterly / $ 119.99 annual

Europe: EUR 16.99 monthly / EUR 49.99 quarterly / EUR 119.99 per annum

UK: GBP 13.49 Monthly / GBP 39.99 Quarterly / GBP 99.99 Annual

Japan: JPY 1,550 monthly / JPY 4,300 quarterly / JPY 10,250 annual

Sony India has not yet announced a fee for this new service. However, accordingly Unsupported report On the Internet, PS Plus can start at Rs 800 per month, with Rs. 2,000 quarterly and Rs. 5,000 annual subscription options. The PS Plus Premium subscription is expected to start at Rs 1,000 per month, a Rs. 2,500 monthly plan and a Rs. 6,000 annual membership options. As mentioned earlier, the base PS Plus subscription fee – now PS Plus Essential – will not change.

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