Plex Disver update solves the biggest problem of streaming

Plex Discovery 2022 Update Screenshot


  • A new Plex Discovery update lets you integrate all your streaming subscriptions.
  • You can now find, store and view content from multiple platforms without Plex
  • New features are being introduced today and do not require a Plex Pass subscription

We were all there: “What should we see tonight?” This statement is usually followed by jumping from the streaming app to the streaming app in an attempt to find something interesting.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that integrates all of your streaming subscriptions so you can search everything at once? Well, the latest update to Plex and its discovery system does just that. Like One Ring, it’s a streaming app to rule them all.

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With the integration feature of these services, there is a new universal watchlist that will definitely make it easier to find new content.

We explain these two new features in more detail below. Fortunately, to answer everyone’s question: No, you don’t have to be a Plex Pass customer to use the new Plex Discovery features. Everything detailed here is free for all Plex users starting today.

These new features will be available on all major platforms from today. The only caveat to note is that Roku users, unfortunately, have to wait a bit for full access to Plex’s deep link with external streaming content. Roku users will soon see this complete integration.

Plex Discovery: Integrate your platforms

Plex selection service

If you have set up Plex for the first time, you will now see the screen above. You will use the checkboxes to tell Plex which streaming services you are using This will help Plex organize your search and discover the results in a list of applications specifically for you.

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In other words, suppose you really want to see Bruce Willis classic die hard. However, you do not know which streaming platform it is available on. In the plex, you will search for “die hard” and it will show you a screen for that particular film. On that page, it will tell you where you can see die hard with preferences for the services you subscribe to. If it is in a service that you do not subscribe to, it will tell you

The order of how the services will be displayed for you is as follows:

  1. Any personal Plex media server you have or connected to
  2. The streaming platform you subscribe to
  3. You do not subscribe to streaming platforms

This will make it easier to find the die hard without having to leave the Plex anywhere.

Suppose you find Die Hard and it is streaming to a service where you subscribe. Clicking on that service from the die hard page will open the movie directly on that service. In other words, you’ll jump straight from Plex to watch Die Hard. Once you’re done, you’ll come back to Plex from that streaming service and find something else to watch.

Universal watchlist available on all your devices

Plex Universal Watchlist

The previous feature is definitely a godsend, but it only works when you know what you want to see. In addition to the new Plex Discovery feature, there’s a new universal watchlist that will help you find content where you’ve previously expressed interest.

The best part about Plex’s watchlist feature is that it works for anything: movies and TV shows on the streaming network, movies in theaters, and even movies and shows that have not yet arrived. You’ll simply find the content you want to view at any given time, add it to your watchlist, and Plex will keep tabs on it. Once it’s available, you can click through to the Media Content page and it will serve as a die hard example we’ve already discussed.

Plex’s universal watch list will work on all your devices and will work for any and all content – even things that haven’t arrived yet.

To make things easier, this service works on all your devices In other words, you can add a movie to your watchlist on your phone and it will automatically sync to your watchlist on your streaming device, web apps, etc.

Finally, your phone’s Plex app will provide a push notification based on the contents of the watchlist. In the case of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness shown at the top of this article, your phone will notify you if the film is on Disney Plus or one of your connected private media servers. Plex didn’t give us a deadline for push notifications, but they are definitely on the way.

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