Poll: Did you take pictures while recording the video?

A phone's camera app is recording video.

Hadley Simmons / Android Authority

Modern smartphones are capable of capturing some amazing pictures and videos in the right conditions, but what if you can’t really choose between a video shoot or a photo shoot?

Fortunately, most smartphones are capable of taking pictures simultaneously while shooting video clips. Is this something you do though? This is the subject of our survey today, so let us know through our poll below

Did you take pictures while recording the video?

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This is a convenient feature of the theory, which gives you the best of both worlds, instead of choosing between the two formats. That way, you get a video along with photos of that moment While the moment is not fleeting, it only saves time and effort because you don’t necessarily have to switch between photo and video modes.

On the other hand, photos taken while recording video are usually of much lower quality than using dedicated photo mode. Snaps taken when recording video are usually static frames from video, while dedicated photos benefit from additional image processing technology.

We’ve seen companies like Samsung take advantage of 8K resolution with 8K video snap features. It lets you go back to an 8K video previously recorded so that a 33MP is fixed from it, providing a higher resolution extract frame / photo than normal 4K video. If you use Samsung’s 8K Video Snap, go ahead and vote “Yes”

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