Poll: Do you value Face Unlock on your smartphone?

Today’s Android smartphones typically rely on fingerprint scanning to unlock the device, authenticate payments, and more. However, there are many devices with Face Unlock technology, which allows you to unlock your phone just by looking at it.

Although you value Face Unlock technology on your smartphone? Or is it something you don’t think about? This is what we want today in our featured poll So let us know by taking the poll below and leaving a comment if you have anything more to share.

Do you value Face Unlock on your phone?

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There are several reasons why you might want to unlock Face on your phone. For one, it may be faster to unlock face authentication than some in-display fingerprint sensors. 3D Face Unlock (using dedicated sensors) can be even more secure than conventional fingerprint scanners.

Face Unlock is not perfect though, as the camera-based Face Unlock can easily be spoofed by a photo or other similar low-tech method. This is why camera-based Face Unlock technology is not used for authentication of bank payments. Another downside to Face Unlock is that it doesn’t play well with the mask, although Apple has made progress in this area. Finally, it is possible for people to unlock your gadgets by pointing your own phone at your unintentional face (like kids use your face unlock to approve in-app purchases).

So how important is Face Unlock to you? Give us your feedback by voting above.

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