Samsung may soon use inexpensive recycled parts for smartphone repairs

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus logo

Hadley Simmons / Android Authority


  • Samsung may soon launch a recycled parts program.
  • The initiative aims to reduce the cost of repairing smartphones for consumers.
  • The cost of display repairs can be halved if the program is effective.

Samsung is planning to launch a new program that can significantly reduce the cost of repairing your Galaxy phone.

According to a report Business Korea, Samsung is considering introducing certified recyclable components for mobile repairs. These are parts made of recyclable materials such as discarded plastics, metals and more. The initiative could be launched in the next few months, especially in the first half of this year.

The report suggests that using recycled spare parts, Samsung could pass a smaller repair bill to users. The publication notes that things like display replacement can cost half as much as it does today.

In terms of the quality of recycled repair parts, Samsung is aiming for a level that matches new products. There is no question about which smartphone parts will be available under the program and how much they will cost.

Samsung has been promoting sustainable production for some time. The Galaxy S22 series is one of the latest examples of his efforts. Phones use a new material made of discarded fishing nets

Over the years, Samsung has significantly reduced the amount of plastic and paper in its packaging. Recycled parts seem to be a logical extension of Samsung’s sustainable efforts.

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