The Adam Project Movie Review: Ryan Reynolds’ Stick Has Got Old Quick

Adam Project – Friday on Netflix – Undoubtedly Ryan Reynolds car. In the years since the mega-success of his Deadpool personality, it has become clear what that means. Reynolds’ character is always quick to speak. They peppered the film with jingles, sarcasm and sarcastic remarks. And they reduce dramatic tension with one-liners, be it during conversations or during action sequences. Reynolds basically plays himself in every movie nowadays. Or rather the onscreen version of “Ryan Reynolds”. (I don’t know Reynolds, so I can’t say for sure what he was like.) In The Adam Project, thanks to time travel, we got two of them playing a small version of Reynolds’ character with the debutant Walker Scobel – which means baby “Reynolds”. Need to play a smaller version of this.

Scoobel does a good job as a mini-Reynolds – I imagine that’s why he was chosen from those who auditioned for the role – but despite Reynolds’ persistent efforts, the Adam Project is rarely fun. At the time of writing, it’s only been two days since I saw the new Netflix movie, and I can’t remember a joke. That says a lot. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have remembered anything about The Adam Project if I hadn’t taken note of this review, and would not have needed to actively reflect on the aforementioned review. In short, the new Reynolds movie is very memorable. It got a generic soundtrack (by Rob Simmonsen, formerly Ghostbusters: Afterlife) and a generic storyline that trades on Hollywood troupes and clichs we’ve seen hundreds of times before. There is nothing unique here.

After all, The Adam Project is all around the block. A version of the script discusses Hollywood for a while, with TS Noolin (Maj Runner: The Death Cure) providing the preliminary draft. Tom Cruise was attached to the movie when it was first developed a decade ago. But less than two years ago before it was picked up by Netflix it caught a crack in the road. (Netflix, Forgotten Movie House.) Big Mouth co-producers Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin made a pass in the screenplay by then, Flute Creator Jonathan Tropper is responsible for the final version – brought to life by Free Guy director Shawn Levy, who has reunited with Reynolds here. Of course, Reynolds and his men have kept their own spin in the dialogue, as they always do.

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Many cooks spoil the soup, yes, but the big problem with the draft that came up on the screen is the lack of patience. The Adam Project takes less than 100 minutes without credit – and it’s almost not enough time to develop character and narrative as well as pack in half a dozen action sequences. We have a son (Scoble) who is mourning the loss of his parents, and a man (Reynolds) is trying to fix his future and find his wife. But the emotional bits make it all too hasty to work. The new Netflix movie only slows down once and this is probably the best scene. But otherwise, The Adam Project has no kite.

In 2050, 40-year-old Adam Reid (Reynolds) steals a jet and jumps through a wormhole in time to save himself. Today’s cut where 12-year-old Adam (Scobel) is beaten and expelled from school – he is probably performing because of the death of his father Louis Reid (Mark Raffalo) a few years ago, which resulted in the death of his mother Eli Reid ( Jennifer Garner, in the ungrateful role) is in a lot of grief all the time. One night when Eli goes out on a date, Young Adam hears a noise in the backyard and discovers an injured man (Reynolds) who has collapsed in his father’s shed. With a dog named Hawking, who surprisingly no longer plays a major role in the film – after a few clues he soon realizes that he is the unexpected guest of the future.

Big Adam tells his little one that he made a mistake during his jump. He wanted to go back to 2018 because he had been trying to save his wife Laura Shane (Joe Saldana) in the past. The Adam Project throws up lots of scientific mumbo jumbo and pseudo-science buzzwords to explain what is happening, a subset of visitors that may have concerns and how the meeting between Big Adam and Young Adam could change things. But it’s all a waste, completely unnecessary, and I’ve had it happen every time. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Brother, use that time in your character, I don’t want any of it. However, after all this blabbermouth, Big Adam’s mission was sacrificed for a larger purpose – when he discovered a conspiracy that connected his family in multiple ways.

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Adam Project Review Jennifer Garner Adam Project Review

Walker Scobel as Young Adam, Jennifer Garner as Eli Reed in The Adam Project
Photo credit: Dwayne Gregory / Netflix

The dynamics between Reynolds and Scoobel give fun in a simple breeze early on in The Adam Project. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Big Adam tells him not to, but Young Adam goes through his old things. Among the things said, there is obviously a lightsaber rip-off key. (The Adam Project doesn’t try to sidestep the fact that Reynolds is essentially running a dual-blade lightsaber.) Every twin or teenage boy has the same thoughts. Elsewhere, however, Young Adam shows himself to be wiser than his years. And thanks to the convenience of time, Big Adam imparts emotional wisdom to his young soul and his mother.

Speaking of moms, Garner doesn’t get enough to do in The Adam Project. It’s hard to be a single mom, especially when you have recently lost your husband and your baby is taking over – but the movie doesn’t have time for that. Originally dedicated to Adam’s point of view and his father, Mom only got one beautiful scene. In fact, all the female characters get short shifts in The Adam Project. Saldana enters the movie half an hour or so later and leaves within the next 20 minutes. And the film’s villain is disgusting and useless – Katherine Kinar is also a victim of some very weak digital de-aging technology. The Adam Project suffers from unexpected CGI elsewhere – with its faceless minions like Stormtroopers, if I continue to refer to Star Wars, although Netflix Movie never connects the dots.

They contribute to some great action sequences, where the choreography is consistent and not too much Michael Bay-e, although I wish they would have chosen longer shot lengths. But the big climactic set-piece of The Adam Project makes no sense. Without really thinking about it, it falls into the trap of growing up. I had it completely culled.

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adam project review zoe saldana adam project review

Joe Saldana as Laura Shane, Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in The Adam Project
Photo credit: Dwayne Gregory / Netflix

In some ways, I feel the same way about The Adam Project as a whole. It’s an unusually instant-forgetful film that runs very securely and tells the same old story about parenting. Reynolds is in the same position. Looks like he’s got to play himself – although Deadpool 3 hasn’t arrived yet, there are at least two sequels to Red Notice, along with Dwayne Johnson and Gall Gadget, and I wouldn’t leave Netflix behind to see The Adam Project as a “franchise” starter. “God, I hate that word.

All this Reynolds success since when it is a result of safe play Death well. (Partly because Reynolds has a share in the failure.) He is unwilling to surrender to managers, which is why he chooses them nowadays. In Deadpool 2, director Tim Miller – who created the first Death well Movie – Originally fired because his vision was not aligned with Reynolds. Miller wanted to take creative risks, but Reynolds was happy to be in his lane.

Reynolds has taken his personality to other universes, including Fast and Furious Spin-Off Hobbes and Shaw, Pokemon Film Detective Pikachu (also referred to as a franchise starter, but apparently failed), and Michael Bay’s action thriller 6 Andy. Starter, Netflix admits it didn’t work).

And most recently, the video game action comedy Free Guy (which has been greenlit for a sequel). Levy has made himself a Reynolds director – but their collaboration is ultimately an empty-calorie film. To be completely honest, Reynolds’ shot has become obsolete. It needs to end. But I put The Adam Project 2 into the universe, so I guess that’s up to me?

The Adam Project airs worldwide on Netflix on Friday, March 11 at 1:30 p.m. IST.

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