The best mobile game on Android and iOS right now

Now what are the best mobile games on Android and iPhone? Smartphones have come a long way since the first apps returned to the App Store in 2008 With more capable handsets, apps and games have become richer in graphics and gameplay. Modern smartphones are able to handle the intricate graphics headlines while joining giant multiplayer online games with gamers on other platforms. Some titles require high-end graphics to ensure a good experience, while some casual games work well on older devices.

From Genshin Impact to Call of Duty: Mobile Like, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best mobile games you can download to your smartphone today. Some of the titles in this list have been published recently, others have been for a while creating a dedicated user base. Keep in mind that these games are sorted alphabetically, and there is no ranking based on a wide range of different themes and genres. Here are some of the best games you can choose today for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Alto’s Odyssey

Released as the successor to the popular endless snowboarding runner Alto’s Adventure, the sequel to Noodlecake has a new landscape. You step into the shoes of the protagonist Alto as he climbs on his sandboard and surfs across the desert. Players must tap and hold on the screen to perform one-touch tricks to complete 180 goals and jump over rocks and canyons. Like the original game, the Alto Scarf lengthens with more tact, allowing you to speed up.

You can choose from canyons, hills and temples while playing Alto Odyssey. Each biome offers its own advantages and challenges and introduces interesting new abilities to the game. It brings a new wall-riding move, as well as waterfalls to increase speed with tornadoes, bouncy balloons and unstable platforms. Like the original title, you can also choose Zen mode for an endless snowboarding experience, even when you encounter obstacles.

Alto Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure Deserves

Asphalt 9: Legend

Probably one of the most popular racing games on the mobile platform, Asphalt 9: Legends is the ninth major installment of the Asphalt franchise. Despite being a free-to-play title, you get a lot of features like good graphics, exciting arcade-style gameplay, stunning courses based on real-world locations, and an impressive list of vehicles.

At Asphalt 9, you can collect blueprints and unlock powerful new cars, which are earned by completing races and purchasing card packs from the store. While the game is free-to-play, you’ll need to pay to progress faster in the game or gain access to better vehicles and upgrades. Or you can continue the grind by completing races and events to earn tokens and in-game coins to unlock new vehicles and upgrade existing ones.

Asphalt 9: Legends Review

Battlefield Mobile India

Battle Royale’s favorite Battlegrounds Mobile India – colloquially known as BGMI – came to life after the Indian government decided to shut down a number of “Chinese” apps, which had caused trouble for gamers in India, by including PUBG Mobile. BGMI is a lot like its predecessor, but as the name implies, an Indian version of the game. Almost all the features of this game are similar to PUBG Mobile, which includes maps, guns and overall mechanism.

BGMI has set some statutory precautions before players enter the game. It emphasizes that this is a game and does not mimic the real world. To reduce violence, the killings are now being shown as a last resort for gamers under the age of 18 to keep it sanitized. The UI and the menus are the same and the gameplay is the same With BGMI, you will only be able to hop on Indian servers and not go to any other global server as before.

You’ll find AKM, AWM, Kar98K, and all the familiar guns throughout the map, so there’s nothing new on that front. Thanks to the data migration from where the players last stopped at PUBG Mobile, unfortunately it has expired. Yet, for new and old players alike, the ultimate goal of the game remains the same: to stand the last person.

Bridge builder

As the name implies, the game builds bridges around you. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? It’s not. Bridge Constructor is a physics-based puzzle game for which you need to be fully aware of how and where a particular thing should be. The main objective of the game is to build a bridge that allows a pair of trucks to cross without falling into the river. The game provides you with a few materials that can be used to build a safe and secure bridge. Materials consist of wood, wire, concrete columns and metal beams.

Once you feel like you’re leveling up and building a strong bridge it gives you a little preview of the bridge. The prefabricated structure is color-coded, so the strong parts are highlighted in green while the weak parts are painted yellow or dark red. This makes it easy to see where you can make the changes you need

Call of Duty: Mobile

Another popular multiplayer mobile Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Mobile, returns to the market in 2019. The game has basic modes like Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint and Free for All. You can also play special mode for specific events.

The game is regularly updated with new maps, events, operators and weapons. Call of Duty: Mobile recently surpassed the চিহ্ন 1.5 billion (approximately Rs 11,433 crore) mark, earning its highest revenue in a lifetime micro transaction.

Most recently, Activision announced that players would experience Snoop Dogg as an operator.

Jenshin effect

Action role-playing games are like a dozen on mobile, but in terms of depth and style, they rarely match MiHoYo’s anime-themed Jenshin Impact. The game is set in Tevyat’s fantasy world with seven different element-based countries. Separated from their siblings, the players must go through the politics of different regions of Teviat in search of their siblings, with the faint guide Pymon. Genshin Impact Features The mechanics of combat are easy to understand, although you may have to grind to level the game.

Specific territories, challenges, and events are only accessible once you hit a certain level. It is worth noting that gamers who do not want to grind new weapons, characters and resources can use Gacha Game Mechanics to upgrade their inventory. A good free-to-play title for smartphones – if you have a smartphone capable enough.

Jenshin Impact is also available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Very few games have been able to replicate what Minecraft offers to its players. Although it is commonly referred to as a survival game, Minecraft also provides powerful creation tools. You must use blocks to create game structures using raw materials that can be extracted from the limitless world. The building structure will enable you to fight computer-controlled “mobs”, but you can also choose to compete with other players by opening up various possibilities in the Open World game.

Minecraft has over 140 million active monthly users, and the popular game has seen several spin-offs, such as Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Story Mode, and Minecraft Earth. Like a few other titles on this list, Minecraft is a cross-platform title that is available on virtually every gaming platform, from consoles and PCs to handheld devices.

Mini metro

This popular title started as a browser-based game in 2014 before launching first on PCs and then smartphones. Mini Metro, as you can already guess, is a strategy puzzle game in which subway maps are created. The ultimate goal of the game is to create a path that is efficient for everyone, so that citizens are allowed to reach their station on time.

You need to set up subway tracks and connect stations using lines, as easily as possible. Lines represent tracks, and trains travel from one end to the other, picking up and dropping off passengers. However, there are some limitations, if not, how can it be fun?

You can connect as many stations as you want, but you have a fixed number of lines to use and each train has a passenger limit, so you can’t take more until you get on board. As you proceed, new subway stations will pop up and change signs, eventually forcing you to create a new line for them. Despite all this, the UI of the app is quite simple and minimal.

Mini Metro offers about 13 different maps from New York, Paris, London and many more. This makes it even more interesting because you will have a new blueprint of the subway track and new stations for connection.

Monument Valley 2

The two gamers were delighted when 2014 brought Monument Valley to smartphones and a new story about Rowe and his child in the sequel to the popular indie puzzle game. This time, you’ll be able to navigate nicely designed three-dimensional puzzles and mazes to complete the level. Like the original title, you can rotate, drag, and move the puzzle to reveal new paths around the geometric structure. The best part? You don’t even have to play Monument Valley to enjoy the sequel.

Depending on which chapter you’re playing, Monument Valley 2 will allow you to control Ro, or his child, who will wander around the puzzle, step on the switches, and walk through the door to reach other levels. Monument Valley 2 has incredibly well-designed puzzles that will amaze your brain to find solutions, with melodic soundscapes that respond to various interactions – a pair of headphones is recommended.


Timing is everything when you play Ordia, a one-finger action game from developer Loju that lets users play as a new life form that takes its first steps into a primitive new world. Ordia features lots of jumping, bouncing and sliding from bottom to top to complete the level. There are 30 levels that become more challenging as you progress – you can play across three worlds, while tackling more difficult “challenge” modes after losing a level.

While playing Ordia, quick reflections can make the difference between your best friend, and overcoming an obstacle or getting wind in your running time. Jumping into the small grooves of the game, you have to slide, bounce and get past dangerous threats to advance to the next level. Regular game mode allows users to pick up after a certain checkpoint, but one of the challenge modes removes that luxury, so start at the beginning of the level at which you will be destroyed.

Real Racing 3

Nearly a decade old, Real Racing 3 can be considered as one of the best racing games available on Android and iOS. Supported by EA, Real Racing 3 has constant updates that bring the official Formula 1 content, new cars and race tracks. It focuses on simulation-style racing, which means cars fit and feel quite similar to their real-life rivals.

You can choose from over 300 licensed cars across 33 manufacturers such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

Real Racing 3 for free download and play, but follows a freemium model. This means that some features require in-game purchases using in-game currencies – R $, gold coins, and M $ – which can be purchased or profited for free by viewing advertisements. You will also need to use in-game currency for vehicle maintenance and service.

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