The Google Pixel 6 bug changes ringtone and warning sound without warning

The Google Pixel 6 Pro's front lockscreen rests on the concrete

Rita L. Khuri / Android Authority


  • Some Pixel users are reporting a new bug that changes ringtone and notification sound without warning.
  • The problem seems to have escalated since the recent security update in April.
  • Some users have lost their personal ringtones and sounds from their phones.

Reports are coming up on Reddit that when users receive a notification, call or warning, they hear a different sound than usual. Some of these random words appear to be files that are usually not selected by end users through the word selector.

The bug also affected the Pixel 6 Pro unit, which is used by people 9to5Google. However, the problem does not seem to be very widespread, with only a few reports floating around.

Looks like the recently released April security update is responsible here. While this has solved many annoying problems, including a large camera bug that has turned green selfies green, it seems that some Pixel devices have introduced this new bug.

The good news is that you can go to your Pixel phone’s sound and vibration settings to re-select your old ringtones and warning words. Hopefully, they should be put later. Two Reddit users have reported that they can’t find their old ringtones and other personal words, so the bug may delete some ringtone files.

If your Pixel suddenly sounds different, it’s worth checking your phone’s settings to see if your ringtones are missing or changed.

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