The Pixel 7’s camera can offer only limited improvements compared to the Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro Back camera Bump close-up with red tree in the background

Rita L. Khuri / Android Authority


  • The Google Pixel 7’s camera is similar to the Pixel 6’s.
  • Google may rely on software and sensor upgrades for improvement.

Google’s next Pixel model may not upgrade its camera too much, at least not on the hardware front.

Liquor Yogesh Brar made an interesting claim about the Pixel 7, saying that the hardware could be largely unchanged from the current Pixel 6. This does not mean that improvements will not happen, but that improvements can be the result of software and sensors. Upgrade

We will probably see the same optics in the Pixel 7/7 Pro as in the Pixel 6/6 Pro.

The sensor may see some optimization, the rest will be done by magic software

Over the past few years, the quality of smartphone cameras has increased with more orders, but the return may reach a point of decline where the average user does not see tremendous improvement from one generation to the next. As a result, if Brar’s leaks are correct, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Pixel 7 to have the same, or even identical, camera hardware as the Pixel 6. With incredible quality of existing hardware, twist-turn experience to fine-tune software is a logical and affordable option for further improvement.

Only time will tell if Brar is right. However, it seems that the Pixel 7 can still make some improvements compared to the Pixel 6.

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