The survey says: American teenagers like Apple irresistibly

Recent research is ongoing, and Apple is still the most popular choice among U.S. teens for some services, including phones.

Piper Sandler manages its half-yearly Generation Z Survey To determine which devices, products and services are most popular with 7,100 U.S. teens. The results should be a wake-up call for Google, a clear favorite of Apple’s iPhone teens.

According to the report, currently 87% of teens have an iPhone, 87% are planning their next phone to be an iPhone. This is close to the record high for the company’s survey, and shows that Apple has maintained an undisputed lead in the premium smartphone market.

Similarly, Apple Pay topped the list of payment apps and services, with 23% of users. PayPal’s Venmo came in second with close to 21%, while Google Pay was in tenth place with only 2% penetration.

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Teenagers love Apple and that’s bad news for Google

The Piper Sandler report should be a major concern for Google. In the early days of the iPod, Apple always relied on a “hello effect”, where entry-level products with a wide application were used to attract users to the Apple ecosystem. The iPhone has long since replaced the iPod in that role, Apple’s first introduction to many users around the world.

Unfortunately for Google, the patterns, habits, and preferences people establish when they are teenagers often stick with them for a lifetime. According to Piper Sandler, the use of teen iPhones is already driving Apple Pay to the top of that population:

For payment apps, Apple Pay ranked first, with 87% of teens surveyed saying they had an iPhone.

The more users become familiar with and rely on Apple’s services – the more likely they are to exit the company’s ecosystem at a later date. Apple iMessage Another example, Apple even admitted that it had the ability to release a version for Android. This option was eventually canceled with SVP Says Craig Federighi“# 1 is the hardest [reason] Leaving the Apple Universe app is iMessage … the amount of iMessage is a serious lock-in. “

Google seems to have a problem with this, calling Apple recently What is it called “Peer pressure and harassment” as a whole Blue vs. green message bubbles The controversy, however, shows Piper Sandler’s research suggests that Apple’s overall popularity among a core population could be a more significant obstacle for Google to overcome in the long run.

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