Top 10 Working Log Apps and Time Sheet Apps for Android

ezClocker is the best working log app for Android

There are many reasons to keep a work log. Independent contractors may need them for work and tax purposes. Small businesses may use them instead of a larger, more expensive system to keep track of employees. Whatever the reason, there is a real need for a work log and time sheet app. There is not a ton of amazing alternatives. However, there are some good options that should cover most bases. Here is the best working log app for Android 6

The best working log app and time sheet app for Android

Easy hours

Price: Free / 4.99

Easy Hours is a timesheet app for most freelancers and contractors. This allows you to keep track of your work time manually for easy later use The app lets you keep track of multiple clients and gives you long-term tracking, graphs and more. The dashboard is quite easy to use and once you get the hang of it Multiple currency support, your total hourly rounding, and nice additions like app shortcuts to make things easier.

There is a free version with ads and a premium version for 4.99 We like that this place has cheaper options without subscription. Easy Hours is one of the best.


Price: Free / 10- $ 50 per month

ezClocker is more for small businesses and similar populations. It comes with a timesheet function as well as a shift scheduler and a GPS map to verify where your employees are on and off the clock. This is a convenient feature for construction companies and similar jobs where your employees can travel. It is fairly easy to use and relatively reliable. You can save data online and easily retrieve it. Administrators can review and revise timesheets, and you can export to a CSV file for the tax season.

This one requires a subscription. The cheapest is $ 10 per month, which covers up to 15 employees. You can check the price if you need to scale it, but the app exceeds $ 50 for 100 employees.

Google Drive

Price: Free / $ 1.99- $ 9.99 per month / $ 19.99- $ 99.99 per year

Google Drive Screenshot 2020

There are lots of timesheet apps, expense trackers and the like. However, very few people come close to the simplicity of Google Drive. You can easily create a spreadsheet to log in to your watch and find out the time. It includes Microsoft Excel-style cell counts so that your overall time cannot be deduced from the calculation and tracking year after year is very easy. It can be scaled for very small business use, although we recommend testing some professional pay software at that time.

The only downside is that it doesn’t do anything automatically. You need to learn how to set up any automation and while you can create graphs from your data, you also need to learn how to create it yourself. Those who don’t mind DIY can use it for free and keep things really simple.


Price: Free / প্রতি 5- $ 10 per user per month

Timeero is another great solution for small business and team. It replaces traditional paper timesheets by letting your employees access watches directly from the app. You can use it for a shift schedule that is instantly available to all employees. Other features include geofencing to ensure your employees stay on the job while on the clock, mileage tracking, offline support and cross-platform use.

The app gives you a 14-day free trial to test things out. After that, you can pay between 5- $ 10 per employee per month depending on your feature needs. It scales more than 250 employees, but if you want to set a price for a lot of people, you need to contact Timero.


Price: Free / 2.99

Timesheet screenshot 2022

Timesheet is a very simple, easy app to track your time. The UI won’t win any prizes, but it’s effective for what it does, despite its small learning curve. You simply punch in and punch out. The app keeps track of that data. It lets you track multiple jobs and clients, supports multiple pay periods, and even supports tax-deductible content like mileage and expense.

It’s reasonably cheap at $ 2.99 for the full Pro version. It’s designed for freelancers and contractors, not teams, so a premium purchase only works for app owners.

Time Squad

Price: Free / 2.99 per month / $ 29.99 per year

Hours Tracker Screenshot 2022

Time Square is another unique work tracker. It works as you would expect. You can track and spend time on your watch to see an overall view of your work hours. There is also a way to track your time with your GPS coordinates. Like others, it works best for freelancers, contractors and those who travel for a lot of work.

A subscription is required to use the app, but fortunately it is not very expensive. It backs up your staff to the cloud so you can quickly access it and export to a document at any time. The developers offer some extra free use for healthcare workers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, so it’s nice.

Toggle track screenshot 2022

Toggle track is a common time tracker. It is perfectly useful for tracking your work time but it is also useful for tracking other things. This is a great tool for newcomers to work from home so you can see how much time you spend at work, on vacation or off goofing off to increase your productivity. Of course, because it is a common time tracker, it eliminates some of the work-related features that competitors have.

That said, there are reports, a calendar function and a sync function so you can keep your data safe in the cloud. It’s completely free without any ads or in-app purchases, so it’s definitely a good, though easy option for a serious budget.

When I work

Price: Free / মাসে 4- $ 8 per user per month

When I work screenshot 2022

An employee scheduling app for business when I work. It has many of the same features as the competitors in this list You can create employee schedules, track clockwise and off-hours, monitor and approve shift trades, and more. Even employees have a feature of giving one message after another. You can use it to communicate with your employees on anything from call-offs to whether they want overtime.

The app is free to use, but, like the others, it has a subscription model, ranging from $ 4 to $ 8 per employee per month. You can choose the level that works best based on your business needs. It supports an unlimited number of users so it can scale a great distance, but it only allows three total administrators so you have a ceiling before you need anything more powerful.

Work log

Price: Free / 4.99

Job Log Screenshot 2022

One of the easiest timesheet apps on the job log list. There are only a few buttons on the front screen and they basically do exactly what they say. You can manually enter your shift time, use the app directly to schedule your shift, and view previous shifts. The app includes widget support, some customization for data management and export to CSV or PDF function for your record. It goes on for $ 4.99 without any subscription to get in the way

Expert-timer mobile

Price: $ 15.00 + $ 6- $ 9 per month

Xpert-Timer Mobile is one of the few apps that works for both individuals and groups. There are subscription models for both, actually. For individuals, you can track the time inside and outside of your watch, export data as needed, and adjust your work time manually. Includes barcode support, check-in and out reports, and more.

For business, you get the usual layout of features. Here is an employee schedule, a to-do list for employees so they know what needs to be done and other client management options. It’s a little difficult to determine the price.

Most plans have a general subscription, but there are also additional charges for syncing your own database with the Windows version of the app. It grows amazingly, but it is also somewhat difficult and expensive to use.

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