Twitter acquires OpenBack to improve push notifications

Twitter has acquired OpenBack, a Dublin-based mobile engagement platform to control and improve the device-side control of push notifications. It will join Twitter’s Bluebird product team and work towards improving notifications on social media platforms.

Jay Sullivan, Twitter’s head of consumer products, took to the micro-blogging platform To announce Acquisition of OpenBack on Tuesday. Sullivan tweeted, “The best push notifications bring people to the conversations they like on Twitter.

“But irrelevant notifications are a misconception. Millions of people go to Twitter every day with notifications. We want them to be timely, relevant and engaging,” Sullivan added.

“Joining Openback and their talented team on Twitter will help us improve our ability to deliver accurate notifications at the right time, in a way that puts people’s privacy first,” Sullivan added.

According to TechCrunch, a Twitter spokesperson addressed the collaboration, saying the company wants to make sure what people are told on Twitter is relevant, timely and engaging.

Speaking on Twitter, Openback CEO David Shackleton said that Openback’s goal was to “make push notifications a real user for billions of people in a new way” and the opportunity to work with Twitter met that goal.

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