Twitter claims that NFT chatter is on the rise in India, but only women participate

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen a meteoric rise in 2021 despite divided opinions. In India alone, Twitter claims that conversations on the NFT have increased by 3,000 percent in the one year from January 2021 to January 2022. According to Twitter, at least 375 million tweets have been sent to NFTs worldwide, but currently, male users dominate a large part of the conversation. Wants to do.

Data shared by Twitter via a press release reveals that worldwide, about 40 percent of women have never heard of NFT whereas only 26 percent of women believe NFT can be a profitable investment. It is worth highlighting that 25 percent of women surveyed by Twitter also see NFTs as an opportunity to support monopolistic and independent artists.

To support women speaking more freely about NFT, Twitter has been dubbed the “First World Women-Led NFT Community.” Women in the NFT. “The growing interest in NFTs also presents the need to address misconceptions and suspicions – 22 percent believe that NFTs are only for the rich and 15 percent believe that NFTs will devalue the physical industry. To share and get, to build connections and to support each other, ”the company said.

Twitter notes that a number of female NFT artists in India are leading the way in bringing more female colleagues into the fold of this growing conversation. Akansha Badaya, a certified graphic designer from Jaipur who works in a mix of digital and traditional art, will lead the women of Twitter in the NFTs community.

The microblogging platform lists the hashtags used in conversations with non-fungible tokens on platforms such as #NFT, #NFTs, #NFTgiveaway, #NFTcommunity, #NFTart, #NFTcollector, #BSC, #Metaverse. #Crypto and #eth.

Twitter added in its press release that its “open and conversational nature enables women to participate and own conversations in this growing NFTs community,” highlighting that women are “leaning into conversations and ready to #OwnIt.” #OwnIt Twitter Emoji (Bona Spark), according to Twitter, “symbolizes the intersection of different intersections, and as a spark spiral from the center it encourages women’s both personal and collective action.”

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