Twitter is working on the much-awaited edit button to make it available for Twitter

Twitter has been seen as a way for users to edit tweets on microblogging platforms. The feature was first seen on the Twitter web interface and could make its way to Android and iOS apps in the future. The ability to edit after posting tweets has been requested by users for several years. Twitter has already confirmed that the service is already working on an edit button, which will make its way to Twitter Blue users in the coming months.

The edit button for Twitter was first seen on the web interface by developer Alessandro Paluji, who shared a screenshot of the feature on Twitter. A Edit Tweet After posting a tweet, the option is shown in the three-point menu under the option to view the tweet analysis. According to a screenshot shared by Paluzzi, clicking the button brings up a Composer window with the ability to edit (or rewrite) the tweet, in blue. Update Button normal replacement Tweet Button

Although this is the first instance of the new edit button being seen, it is likely that the feature will evolve and change during development. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Another Twitter user Nima Oowji (nima_owji) shared an animation of the feature, adding that at the moment, it is not possible for users to edit or change their viewers after posting a tweet.

The service first tweeted about the edit button on April 1, saying it was working on the feature. Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently bid কেন 43 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,250 crore) to buy the company, posted a poll on Twitter asking if Twitter should have an edit button.

Musk tweeted the poll shortly after announcing a 9.2 percent stake in the company, and Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal retweeted Musk’s poll, saying the poll results would be significant. “Please vote carefully,” he said. In more recent developments, Musk has launched a 43-billion (approximately Rs 3,27,420 crore) effort to seize Twitter’s unfavorable possession.

Meanwhile, Twitter confirmed on April 5 that it is working on the ability to edit tweets that will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers next month, but the company has not yet revealed whether (or when) the feature will finally be rolled out to everyone. Users

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