Twitter releases worldwide ALT badges, image descriptions; New tests are being performed

Twitter has announced a global rollout of its ALT badge and open image description features. Now, users can enter additional details for their images, which will give such images an ALT badge when uploaded. Clicking on these badges will open these new details Twitter’s accessibility team announced in March that these features were being tested. In related news, Twitter is currently testing a new ‘Unmentioning’ feature that will give users the option to remove themselves from a conversation.

Created by Twitter Announcement On Thursday the ALT released a worldwide release of badges and open image descriptions. The social media giant has worked on bug fixes and garnered feedback through limited releases. These features are designed to help visually impaired users who use assistive technology, or do not have access to high-bandwidth Internet access. It is also expected to improve user engagement by providing context to uploaded images. Along with the announcement, Twitter also provided one Guide ‘How to add image details’ for users. It should be noted that image descriptions have a character limit of up to 1,000 characters, compared to the 280-word character limit of a tweet.

In addition, the company Published That it is experimenting with a new ‘not to mention’ feature, which allows users to remove themselves from a conversation. ‘Not to mention’ is currently only available to a limited number of users in the web version. An ‘Leave this conversation’ option will appear in the corner menu of a tweet, which will also include ‘mute’ and ’embed’ options. Leaving a conversation will untag your username from the original tweet and all its replies This will prevent other users from mentioning you in the conversation. Finally, you will not receive any notifications from it, however, you will still be able to see the tweets.

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