Ukraine crisis: Qualcomm has stopped selling products to Russian companies

Chipmaker Qualcomm said on Wednesday that Moscow had stopped selling its products to Russian companies in response to US-imposed sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine.

In response to a comment from Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhailov Fedorov, the company’s senior vice president for government, Nat Tibits, announced the move in a tweet.

Fedorov called on Tibets to cut off supplies to Russia, saying Qualcomm products were still available in Russia and that it “unknowingly enables the country to kill thousands of Ukrainians.”

In response, Tibets said, “This is wrong. Qualcomm has called for a peaceful solution to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, provided direct grants to relief agencies and is consistent with staff contributions.”

“We are complying with US sanctions and the law is not selling products to Russian companies,” he said.

Thanks to the move, Fedorov later suggested that the chipmaker could send his satellite phone to Ukrainian rescuers if he wanted to help.

The attack has angered Western nations, which have shut down several US companies in Russia, calling the move a “special operation” in Ukraine.

Revenue from Russia and Ukraine is less than 1 percent of its total revenue, Qualcomm said at a meeting of its stockholders earlier this month.

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