Ukraine crisis: Sony Pictures shuts down all business in Russia

In a move similar to Disney’s, Sony Pictures Entertainment also announced that it would suspend all its business activities in Russia following the country’s military operation in Ukraine.

According to the deadline, the suspension by these companies will go beyond the standard theatrical release that both studios had previously shut down.

An email was sent to the staff of Tony Vincikera, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The boycott of Russia from Sony includes shutting down its anime streaming service in Crunchyroll’s country, as well as home entertainment releases and future TV distribution deals.

“Two weeks ago, we interrupted the upcoming theatrical release of Morbius in Russia. Since then, we have also closed our planned home entertainment releases, including Spider-Man: No Way Home, and future television distribution deals. And just this morning, Crunchyroll in Russia in its anime The streaming service has been suspended, “Vinciquerra wrote in an email.

He added, “And as you can see last week, Sony Group has announced a 2 million (approximately Rs. 15 crore) grant for humanitarian assistance to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the international NGO Save the Children. The people of Ukraine.”

According to Deadline, Disney’s business stops in Russia include content and product licensing, Disney cruise line activities, National Geographic magazine and tours, local content production and linear channels.

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