Unlimited Google Photo Storage for T-Mobile users

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  • Unlimited Google Photos storage is back for T-Mobile customers.
  • The new Magenta Carrier plan costs $ 15 a month.
  • The new plan includes a 2TB drive and Gmail storage.

Google is partnering with T-Mobile to provide a Google One plan with unlimited Google Photos storage.

Google used to provide unlimited storage for Google Photos users before ending the unlimited option for everyone except pixel owners. Since running out of unlimited storage, Google has offered different levels of Google One storage, with an option of T 9.99 per month in 2TB or $ 99 for one year. T-Mobile is now bringing back unlimited photo storage for its customers, regardless of whether they run Pixel phones. The new plan will offer 2TB of cloud storage for Gmail and Drive, as well as unlimited storage for এবং 15 per month for photos and videos.

T-Mobile subscribers are not locked into one-size-fits-all options. Customers can choose a 500GB plan for 5 per month, a 2TB plan for $ 10 per month, or 2TB plus unlimited Google Photos for $ 15 per month. In many ways, the two low-level plans are the same as the basic Google alternatives, except that the minimum level provides 100 or 200GB of Google’s lower level instead of 500GB. All three plans include extended trial break options for YouTube Premium, Stadia and other Google services. Like Google’s 2TB plan, T-Mobile’s mid and high-end tiers come with Google’s VPN service, as well as the ability to share 2TB of storage with up to five others. Unlimited plans allow users to save their photos and videos in full resolution instead of reducing quality to save space.

Price of T Mobile Google One

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For a limited time, all three plans are available with a free 30-day trial.

Overall, T-Mobile’s options seem like a good deal for most customers. Even low- and mid-range plans offer more storage or features than Google’s Vanilla plans, though still coming at the same price. The Unlimited Plan is a great option for those customers who miss or need old Unlimited Google Photos. The only caveat is, of course, that the unlimited plan is a T-Mobile exclusive.

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