What does inactive mean and how do you set it to Discord?

If you leave your device for a period of time, you may notice that your social media status has become “lazy”. It goes for different apps including Discord. This is a way to let other users know that even if they send you a message, you won’t see it right now. Let us know what is meant by inactive in discord and how you can manually set your status.

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Quick answer

To set your status while inactive on Discord, select your profile picture, then click Inactive From the next menu of status options.

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What does it mean to be inactive in Discord?

Passive dissent

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Suppose you are using Discord. You left the app open for a while and then you decide to take a break and do something else

After you turn off Discord in your tray, meaning the program has been minimized instead of exited, your status will be automatically deactivated after about five minutes.

“Lazy” is another way to tell people that you’re away from your keyboard or your device. When you return to Discord, you need to activate your status. Alternatively, you can set a custom status if you are a Discord Nitro subscriber.

How to set to disable your status in Discord

You can set your status manually Online, Inactive, Don’t botherAnd Invisible If you are a free user. If you are a paid Discord Nitro customer, you also have the option Set a custom status.


In the Discord desktop app or web client, click your profile picture at the bottom of the interface.

Tap your name icon

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From the Enhanced menu, click Moon Shape Inactive Button

Click Disable from the list

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Android and iOS

Passive setting using mobile

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