What is a Discord Token and how do you get it?

When you create a Discord account, you are assigned a token. Your Discord Token is different from your username, tag and password and will allow anyone who has it to log in to your account. Knowing what it is will help you better protect yourself and secure your account. Here’s how to get your Discard Token.

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Quick answer

To get your Discord Token, log in to Discord in a browser. Open Developer ToolsThen click The Internet. Press F5 On your keyboard to reload the page. Type / API In Filter Field, then click Library. Click Header Tab, then scroll down Approval Find your Discard Token.

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What is a Discard Token?

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Think of a discarded token like your fingerprint. It is unique to you and identifies you

Your token is a unique account key consisting of a series of numbers and letters. This is created when you create a discord account. If someone else knows your token, they can hack your account and have full access to all your account information in Discord.

How to get your Discard Token

Go to the Discord website in your desktop browser and log in to your account.

Log in to the browser

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Next, press Ctrl + Shift + I (Or Cmd + Option + I Mac) on your keyboard to access Developer Tools. Click The Internet From the top toolbar.

Click Network

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Press and reload the tab F5.

Press f5 to reload after network

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There will be many more values ​​in the network. Type / API In the marked field Filter. From the results below, click Library.

Type API in the filter then Library

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In the library, click Header Scroll down until you see the tab Approval. This is your Discard Token.

Authorization location

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Is it safe to give your Discord Token?

It is never safe to give your Discard Token to anyone else. This is a unique identifier for your account, and you should always keep it to yourself.

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