What you need to know about Tata Neu, the super app that will take you to Amazon-

The place of consumer digital economy in India is seeing a big boom and there is a new player in the block. Tata Group has announced the launch of its much talked about super app “Neu” on April 7 to fight Amazon and Reliance’s Jio platform.

Until now, the app was only available to Tata employees. The launch of Neu was announced via a teaser image on the app’s Google Play Store page. It has started advertising super apps with the ongoing Indian Premier League.

Here’s what the app has to offer and how it differs from other apps.

What is Tata New?

The Neu Super app promises “super rewards” and brings airlines, hotels, pharmacies and grocers together. It is a one-stop shop for shopping and payment.

“Use state-of-the-art digital content, pay, manage your money, plan your next vacation or possibly your next meal – there’s a lot to explore and experience in the world of Tata Neu,” the app reads on its Play Store page.

According to information available on the Play Store, Tata Neu app rewards users every time they make a purchase or book a flight or hotel. For the cost, the app offers rewards in the form of Neu Coins which are redeemable for other services, LiveMint reports.

The app also hosts digital content.

Services available on Tata Neu

The app will integrate many Tata services. To book flight tickets, there are AirAsia India and Air India, and for hotel reservations users can view the Taj Group property. Groceries from BigBasket, Medicine from 1mg, Electronics from Chroma and Westside for clothes, accessories, shoes can be ordered.

Users can manage their satellite TV via Tata Sky or purchase luxury and beauty products from Cliq.

Nue provides personal loans, short-term credit and insurance.

Key features of the app

Tata UPI allows users to scan and pay via QR code at local stores, malls, pharmacies and cinema halls.

All bills – electricity, mobile, DTH, broadband – can be paid at once.

The app lets you instantly transfer money using Tata Pay UPI.

Easy to use

The Neu app does not overwhelm you with information. It has services like BigBasket and made 1mg inside it. So using these feels like an app inside an app, reporting money control.

The smooth black background associated with the color gives the app a premium feel, different from Amazon, which seems a lot more messy. According to the report, the home screen of the app looks like the digital version of the shopping area of ​​Dubai Airport.

Is this India’s first super app?

No, there are a few more super apps in India. Internet giants such as Amazon, Paytm and Reliance Jio have created versions of their super apps, offering many services ranging from shopping to streaming.

India had 1.2 billion mobile subscribers in 2021, of which about 750 million were smartphone users. By 2026, the country will have one billion smartphone users and the drive to sell Internet-enabled phones in rural areas, according to a Deloitte survey.

India has already become a market where most of the first time Internet users are transacting on their mobile phones. One of the main reasons why Indian companies are looking at creating super apps, the report says Indian Express.

Including input from companies

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