What’s New in Apple TV Plus in April 2022: Slow Horse and More ৷

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What’s new in Apple TV Plus in April 2022? The streaming service has launched its first live sports event with MLB Friday Night Baseball. It will debut several new series, including three dramas, a children’s show and a documentary featuring one of the greatest basketball stars of all time.

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Apple TV Plus logo 1

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has become a major player in streaming games since its launch in 2019. Its main programming slate includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind, and movies like The Banker, Greyhound. And Palmer.

MLB Friday Night Baseball and MLB Big Innings (April 7)

Apple TV Plus MLB

Apple shocked the streaming world a few weeks ago when it announced that it had struck a deal with Major League Baseball. From April 8, Apple TV Plus will start streaming two live MLB games on Friday night for the 2022 season. There will be pre- and post-game shows that night, and Apple TV Plus will run a 24/7 channel with highlights, replays, news, classic games, on-demand MLB shows, and more. There will also be MLB Big Inning, a week night show with all day highlights, news and season analysis.

Slow Horse Season 1 (April 1)

Slow Horse Apple TV Plus

Based on Mick Heron’s novel of the same name, this six-part series is a very different take on the spy genre. Gary Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, head of Slough House, a division of the famous MI5 UK spy agency. However, no one wants to go to a slum house there. This is where agents who fail in their mission are sent to spend time with their paperwork.

The series shows that the group can be put to good use after a major spy threat. The series also stars Christine Scott Thomas, Olivia Cook and Jonathan Price.

Pinecon and Pony Season One (April 8)

Pinecon and pony

This DreamWorks animation children’s series is based on Kate Beaton’s book The Princess and the Pony. Pinecon is a young girl with a horse named Pony. Together, the pair venture into the realm of their imagination.

Roar (April 15)

Roar Apple TV Plus

It is an eight-episode genocide series, each episode featuring a new story about an ordinary woman who manages to get caught up in some very strange situation. The episodes will feature fantasy, sci-fi and horror themes. Nicole Kidman, one of the show’s executive producers, will also star in one episode. The series features an all-star cast of actors, including Isa Ray, Cynthia Arevo, Merritt Weaver, Allison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Nick Kroll, Judy Davis, Alfred Molina, Daniel Day Kim, Jack Johnson and many more.

They call me magic (April 22)

They call me magic

These documentaries centered on Irwin “Magic” Johnson, who first came to prominence for Michigan State and later in the 1980s as part of the Los Angeles Lakers, drawing attention to his outstanding skills as a basketball player in the NBA. In 1991, he made a shocking announcement that he was retiring from basketball because he was infected with HIV.

However, that did not stop him from launching several successful business ventures designed primarily to help the black community. The series will feature interviews with Magic and others in his personal and professional life.

Shiny girls

Elizabeth Moss has taken a break from her hit Hulu series The Handmade’s Tale to star in this new eight-part limited series. He played Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago newspaper archivist who was recently assaulted by an unknown person. However, he soon learns that a new assassination appears to be similar to his attack.

With the help of a fellow journalist, Wagner played Moura, who tries to solve these dual mysteries before his assassin hits him again. However, he is facing some difficulties in dealing with the changing reality.

Reminder: See the Oscar-winning best picture coda


The 2022 Academy Awards named the code as the best picture of 2021 It is the first best photo winner from a streaming service and you can watch it on Apple TV Plus now It tells the story of Ruby, who was born to deaf parents. He discovers in high school that he has a singing talent and he wants to go to college to pursue it as a profession. However, her parents claim they want her to stay home and help with the family business.

In addition to winning Best Picture, Coda also won an Oscar for Best Adaptive Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for his role as Frank, the father of deaf actor Troy Kotsur Ruby.

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