WhatsApp can make it a bit easier to start chatting with unsaved numbers

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  • WhatsApp is working on a way to make it easier to chat with unsaved numbers.
  • Although there still seems to be room for improvement.

WhatsApp is the communication app of choice for many people around the world, which offers many features besides standard text chat. But a strange limitation is that you can’t easily start chatting with the numbers saved in your contact list.

Fortunately, frequent liqueurs WABetaInfo A search of version of the Android Beta app revealed that the company was working on a variety of solutions. More specifically, tapping an unsaved phone number in a chat bubble will now open an in-app menu that lets you chat with the person if they are on WhatsApp.

The in-app menu lets you call them or save their numbers in your contact list. See a screenshot of this new menu below.

WhatsApp's new behavior when viewing an unsaved number in a chat thread

This is a big change from the current behavior. At this point, tapping an unsaved number on a chat thread will open the dialer app on your Android phone instead.

Although this solution is not perfect, because it requires someone to either send the number to you or send the unsaved number to another contact. So hopefully we’re seeing more work on this topic to improve messaging to unsaved contacts.

There are several solutions, such as using WhatsApp’s short link system. You can see different solutions for chatting with an unsaved number in the link.

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