Wyze said it was “prudent” to not let users know about security flaws

Wyze Cam V3 is mounted outside


  • The Wise Cam device has had a huge security flaw over the years.
  • The vulnerability allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to Wyze’s home security cameras.
  • The company knew about the problem and did nothing.

Updated: March 31, 2022 (11:07 PM ET): In response to reports of vulnerabilities in its security camera, Wyze posted a blog explaining the side of the story.

“We appreciate Bitdefender’s responsible disclosure of these vulnerabilities and have worked directly with them to patch security issues in our supported products prior to public reporting,” the company notes.

Wyze says anyone will need access to your local network to access your camera feed. So, to exploit these vulnerabilities remotely, you need to expose your local network directly to hackers or the Internet.

“We released the first patch the month after our notification, and over time we continue to reduce the risk of this exploitation with additional patches in the following months,” Wyze said.

There is also an explanation as to why it did not inform its customers about security breaches However, this does not address the fact that the error has been hidden from users for years. Here is what Wyze wanted to say:

You may be wondering, “Why am I hearing this now?” Both Bitdefender and Wyze take the safety of vulnerable users seriously. Knowing that we are actively working on risk mitigation and corrective updates, we have come to the conclusion that it is safest to be prudent about details until vulnerabilities are corrected.

Main article: March 31, 2022 (4:30 PM ET): If you own any of the Wyze cam devices – V1, V2, or V3 – someone could easily spy on you and even download feeds from your camera’s SD card. What’s worse? For three years, Wyze knew about the problem and chose not to admit it, fix it or even inform the affected customers.

BitDefender’s people discovered a software flaw in Wyze’s camera. Security research agencies claim that they reported the problem to Wyze in March 2019. However, the Seattle-based company failed to respond by November 2020. Two years later, in February 2022, Wyze discontinued the Wyze Cam V1, citing the inability to support the camera. A security update.

“Continued use of your Wyze Cam v1 after February 1, 2022, carries an increased risk, is discouraged by Wyze and is entirely at your own risk,” the company said in an email to customers. However, it has not yet revealed the fact that the cameras were originally a secret hole for hackers and that it knew about the problem. As Blipping computer Of note, Wyze Cam owners are still running a weaker firmware version.

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When asked why it was silent on such a major security breach, Wise spokesman Kyle Christensen said: Edge The company has been completely transparent with its customers. Christensen added that the problem has been patched. However, the update that fixes the vulnerability is only available for Wyze Cam V2 and V3, which were released in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

According to Wyze’s Play Store list, the company has more than 5 million users. It also makes multiple smart home security products like video doorbells, motion sensors and more. Employed to provide security solutions and services for a firm that apparently does not rely on foreign servers, Wyze has definitely stopped working for it because these results are public.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Wyze user and worried about the security of your camera, you can go to the company’s official portal for the latest firmware. If you have Wyze Cam V1 then you are out of luck. It would be best if you stop using the camera.

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