You are divided on the value of Face Unlock on your phone

Face Unlock is a fixture on many smartphones today, usually appearing as a camera-based solution but some phones also offer 3D Face Unlock with dedicated hardware.

We asked you earlier this week if you value Face Unlock on your smartphone, and the results are here. Here’s how you voted for this poll.

Do you value Face Unlock on your phone?

The result

As of writing, more than 4,200 votes had been counted and the most popular option was “No, I Don’t Think About It.” Only 40% of respondents voted in favor of this option, with some readers suggesting that unlocking fingerprints was the preferred option.

Meanwhile, about 35% of readers surveyed said they value any kind of Face Unlock on their phone. Camera-based Face Unlock can be easily spoofed, but it’s clear that these readers are willing to sacrifice some security for convenience.

Finally, about 25% of respondents said that they value Face Unlock if it is 3D Face Unlock or another secure form of facial authentication. This is entirely understandable due to security issues related to the camera-based unlocking and the delicate nature of the in-display fingerprint sensors on some phones. Unfortunately, the options for 3D Face Unlock on Android are limited at the moment.


  • Lex1020: Unless it replaces the fingerprint scanner and it is a secure one. Feels good.
  • Skifarterking: I prefer a well-positioned physical fingerprint reader so that when I pick up the phone or take it out of my pocket it is already unlocked and I’m ready to look at it.
  • Jose Mugueles: I think fingerprint readers have become much more effective during the epidemic. My s20 Ultra Ultrasonic works flawlessly and is quite fast. These are more versatile in certain situations where you are in an awkward corner or something similar
  • Dustin Sheryl: I just want Face Unlock because this screen is unlocked below the fingerprint. At work I like the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone as it was on my Pixel 3a XL.
  • Lcd1701: I will not use it even if it is available. Fingerprints are much more efficient, instantaneous, and do not require adequate lighting, or naturally slow response.
  • Lamar Taylor: I own the iPhone 13 Pro Max and GS22 Ultra as my business phones. I prefer Face ID and Face Unlock over Fingerprint Reader. Samsung fingerprint readers still make mistakes at least once or twice a day … which adds up over time. Thanks for an update Face ID works great even when wearing a mask.
  • Broken: I only use fingerprints.
  • Reeve: Unless it’s a specialized type like mi 8, I’ll unlock the face all day

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