Your phone app from Microsoft is in an identity crisis right now

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Your phone is Windows


  • Microsoft has rebranded its phone app under two different names across the PC and Play Store.
  • The app also has a new design to match the aesthetics of Windows 11.

Microsoft’s Easy Your Phone app now has a new name. In fact, two different names.

Microsoft on Thursday announced a rebrand and redesign of your phone app. If you want to download it to your Windows PC, you can now find it by phone link. While the new branding is more understandable than the non-descript Your Phone Monica, it’s still somewhat confusing because the Android version of the app has a completely different name.

If you go to find your phone on your Android phone, you will see that the app in the Play Store is called Link to Windows. This is similar to what the feature built into Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices says.

Why couldn’t Microsoft hold a common name across PC and Play Store? Maybe another rebranding is the thing it needs. Or at least, the company could choose a name across the board.

Microsoft redesigns your phone

Nevertheless, the new Phone Link app on your Windows PC has a redesigned interface. It gets on a new tabbed. Notifications are placed in front for better visibility The app saves messages, photos, calls and apps in a new navigation bar at the top.

The color of the app matches the design scheme of Windows 11 with new icons, controls and illustrations.

Additionally, the next Windows 11 update will allow you to set up a phone link by scanning a QR code.

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