YouTube timed reaction feature announced, allowing users to respond at specific moments

On Monday, Google’s proprietary platform announced that YouTube had begun testing a timely response feature in its mobile app. According to YouTube, users can respond to specific moments in a video with eight emojis. It is currently testing the feature as a test, which suggests that the feature may change during development based on user feedback. Last November, YouTube disabled the dislike count for videos and is exploring other ways to interact with content, including timely comments on videos, like SoundCloud.

In an announcement on the YouTube support website on Monday, YouTube revealed that it was rolling out a new timed reaction experiment for users, after receiving positive feedback about its timed comment beta feature. Users will be able to respond to messages with up to eight emojis right away in a video, and the responses will be displayed stacked at specific points in the video’s progress bar. YouTube says responses will be anonymous and the platform will not show who sent each response.

YouTube Timed Response Inline YouTube

New YouTube timed responses will be stacked and displayed on specific timestamps
Photo Credit: Screenshot / YouTube

YouTube says it will be piloting a small number of channels to launch the new timed reaction experiment. However, the company has not yet released a list of channels or videos that are part of the test.

When users watch a video that is part of the test, they will be able to respond to the video at a certain moment by opening the comments section and tapping on the feedback panel. Crowds of users navigating this section will also show feedback.

The announcement received a timely response to the YouTube app on a smartphone, and the company did not specify whether the test would be available on the desktop website.

As part of the new YouTube timed response test, the service says it will test ‘multiple sets’ of responses, when adding or removing feedback based on user feedback. The service is working on ways to improve interaction on video sharing platforms – including the controversial removal of public dislike counts on videos in November 2021, and a test of the timed comment beta feature that allows users to comment on videos at specific video timestamps. .

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