Zomato Instant: CEO Dipinder Goel clarifies 10-minute delivery plan, will

Dipinder Goel, founder of online food delivery platform Zomato, clarified the 10-minute food delivery plan on Tuesday, saying the service would be “only for specific locations, popular and quality items in the vicinity.” “Hello Twitter, good morning. I want to tell you more about how a 10-minute delivery works and how it’s as safe as a 30-minute delivery for our delivery partners. This time, please. 2 minutes to read it (annoying) Earlier), “Goel tweeted this morning.

“Zomato Instant will only be for items that are popular, quality and so can be shipped in 2 minutes. Ten minute delivery orders will reduce the time spent per road. We are educating our delivery partners on road safety and have also been proven accident / life insurance. , ”He added.

“Delivery partners are not notified of the promised delivery time for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries. There are no penalties for late delivery. There are no incentives for timely delivery for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries,” said Goyal.

“10-minute delivery will be for specific nearby locations, only for popular and quality items,” he added.

In response to a question about what items customers can expect in 10 minutes, Gayal replied, “Bread omelette, poha, coffee, tea, biryani, momos, etc.”

The CEO’s explanation came after people on social media criticized the company’s plan as unnecessary and potentially dangerous for delivery partners.

“Don’t you think that you are risking the lives of your delivery partners? How do you ensure their safety when they have to rush into traffic for delivery in this short time? And what (sic) food? Will it be cooked well?” Soon? ” One Twitter user said.

Goyal said Monday that fulfilling its fast delivery promise will depend on a dense network of finishing stations, located close to high-demand customers.

Zomato Instant will launch a pilot with four stations in Gurugram from April.

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